Monday, January 17, 2011

The Tangled Weekend

A few weeks ago (when Ella was in the wedding) we sent Talia to have some special time with Grandpa and Grandma.  We intentionally sent her on her own so we could have one on one time with Ella. This past weekend, we kept Talia at home with us and sent Ella off to play with Bruce's parents. She was a little too eager to go, and that makes me happy.
We spent time doing things Talia really likes to do: we read tons of books, attended a basketball game, and went to the movies. THE that's special to Talia. Especially since her sister wants nothing to do with the darkness or the loudness of a movie theater. 
She loves everything about the movies.
The money was spent. She doesn't know the difference yet, does she?
The popcorn...
Waiting for the curtain to go up...
And sitting between us. 
I know this picture is horrible (I'm still learning about low lighting), but just look at that face. 
Look at those little arms crossed. She was eating this all up, and I was eating her up.
I am so thankful that we are able to have these one on one times with our girls. 
I hope that someday they look back and remember their one on one times with Grandma and Grandpa....
And their weekend dates with us. 

Here I am pretending to get caught up in Rapunzal's hair.
My hope is that we are filling their love tanks more often than when we can get a date weekend with them. We may have to look at date nights, date afternoons, or date hours. Sometimes life is like that, isn't it?

What I'd love to know from you today is:
1.Do you have a individual time with your kids?
2.Do you have a special name for that time?
3.What's the best time to do that? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?
4.What age did you start doing that?
5.What kinds of activities speak to your kids the most?


  1. We try to do something with Nate every couple of months. Sometimes it just me and him and sometimes it's dad and him. We do various things...movies rate high on the list over here. So does "working" with dad. With Landen I count our days at home still, while big brother is in school, as his one-one-time since he doesn't know the differnce yet about being on a "date" out and about. We read LOTS of books!! So many books :)

  2. A couple of weekends ago I took Dillyn to see Tangled with my 2 sisters-in-law and my nieces. It was girls' only. She loved it. This was her first movie. Gavin loves going to Prarieland Partners and looking at all the equipment. Once Gavin starts Kindergarten we are going to try and do something special with them once a month. Note the word try. In the summer, I just need to put him on the combine with Grandad or in the semi or tractor with Uncle Matt or Uncle Andrew. He is in heaven. :)

  3. Vaughn tries to take the girls out alone at least once every other week. Like you said, with four it has become an outing that may last up to an weekends right now:). It's always been called a Daddy Date at our house and the girls fight over them....even our eleven year old! My hope is that never ends!

    There are times that i have felt bad that i don't do this nearly as often as he does, but i realize my time with the girls often comes at night when we tuck them in. Vaughn prays with each one and says goodnight...i on the other hand am the one that ends up laying with each one. Again with four this can take up to 30 minutes. Lately, i've started to feel a little bitter about this, but after thinking about your post, i'm realizing that that very well may be my "alone" time with each one. It is often when they do the most talking, and i know the years go fast. Thanks for this, tonight i head into bedtime routine with a new heart!

    Love you!

  4. i have recently started girls day out with hayden. my goal is to have a movie date and dessert one saturday a month. last time was so much fun, we may not make it an entire month!
    and this is nothing too fabulous but i will leave hayden with my sister usually once every other week for a few hours and take jenson out to eat with tim during his lunch break or i will just spend time at home, play on the floor together and have that alone time i had for so long with hayden. i hope in a few years to do what you do with your girls!
    i LOVED these pictures!
    no special name for it yet but that's something to think about... i'll get back to you.

  5. I'm inspired. Thank you. I know in my rational, quiet, calm moments that I need to do intentional things like this. Yet, the calm lasts for 2.2 seconds and then the thought is gone. But this inspired me.

  6. Your daughters are so adorable I am sure their G-parents love every minute they can have with them.

    I think one on one is so important for the parents and G-parents as well as the kids. My husband and I used to take our boys on dates and now we take the grands. My G-daughter just called me today to ask when our next special day was going to be. I love that she and her brother like having a date with me and G-pa.

  7. I try to do date days with my girls also. Mostly with my 4 year old. I am not sure if my 2 year old gets it that much. This post made me smile I am so glad Talia liked Tangled. I took Kate a week before her 4th birthday to see Tangled as a special treat. She had never been to the movies. And, it was a FAIL. We had to leave early. I blogged it here:


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