Monday, January 24, 2011


Does anyone remember that book 10,000 Things to Be Happy About? My cousin Rachel got me hooked.

Oh wait. I just looked it up on Amazon and it's 14,000 Things To Be Happy About.  Does it take more to make us all happy than it did in the 90's? Did they add 4,000 more? Or, did I only read the first 10,000 and think: Well, I'm happy. I'm done.
At any rate, I loved reading those entries.
They inspired me.
I loved being reminded about the things that I could be happy about. Click here for the author's website.
I started making my own list today as I found myself once again inspired.

1. A child who can entertain herself.
2. Movies "rented" from the public library.
3. Snowmen.
4. A made bed.
5. Cotton candy painted clouds.
6. A disaster of a junk drawer reformed.
7. Hot chocolate.
8. A good stretch.
9. Blinged out Sketchers.
10. Friends who selflessly share what they know. Click here.  And here.
Photo by Megan Hein

I wonder how many posts it would take for me to come up with 13,990 more things? 
It could be fun trying. :)
What's on your list of things to be happy about today? 


  1. I LOVE your bedding too!! I must know where you got it!

  2. Thanks Kimberlee :) I love sharing what I know with people who are eager to know! You always make me feel loved :)

  3. Well, Blogs to read, my new crock pot, Dr. Pepper, my lap top, 2 kids that willingly took a nap, slippers, facebook (we all like to snoop right?) and my ghettofied (is that even a word?) sleep number bed.

    Thanks for making me "happy" today Kim. :) I also love your bedding. How can you get away with white!? It looked great.

  4. You know what makes me happy. A project completed. Two coats of black paint on Em's dresser, drying in the laundry room. Distress later and reassemble after that.....happiness--one thing marked off THE LIST.

  5. -playmates for my kiddos
    -plastic totes
    -cherry vanilla dr. pepper from the best sonic in kansas (one of the few things dodge city has going for it)
    -advice from my closest and most trusted friends
    -ALL my laundry DONE
    -a new niece
    -dinner and baths complete before 7:30
    -my hubby surprising me with a cd this morning (without even asking for one)
    -financial security
    -reading supertastic blogs like this one

    and this is a short list of all i'm thankful for today. it would not take me long to come up with 100 more... but 13,900 may be a challenge!

  6. Thanks for sharing those photo links!
    Love your happy list! :))

  7. Reading your blog makes me happy! Don't stop!!

  8. I too loved this book in the 90s and yes, it's always had 14,000 things. It is sitting on a shelf in my nursery right now. I thought I would be spending lots of time sitting and quietly rocking and reading it. With my particular baby that did not happen but I have stolen a few glances at it in the past 9 1/2 months. :) Kelly


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