Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Escaping the Dailyness

To escape the dailyness of life I found myself in need of a big change today.
I left my three sick family members at home alone (hopeful they'll do the same for me if I get it) and went to a regularly scheduled hair appointment.
It took me forever to get there driving 40 mph due to the icy roads.
I took joy in every minute of it.
No one was asking me for crackers, 7Up, or a clean pull up.
It was me and the open road.
I told Bruce I might come back.
And come back, I did...with less hair.

Tonight I'll color.
Tomorrow I'll learn how to style the thing.
Thursday I'll get brave and leave the house.

What kinds of things do you do to escape the dailyness of your life?
I think I need some ideas.
I've only got so much hair.


  1. Gorgeous! You did good!!!!! Love it.....would love to see it in person!

  2. Love it! Glad you got out today! The hair appointment is one of my favorite ways to escape the dailyness. So is a massage, or dinner and chick flick with girlfriends.

  3. Love it! My need for escape usually comes when I am at work and Target is only a couple miles away so, I spend time going through the dollar bins and the clearance isles!

  4. you look fabulous.
    as always.

    to escape the dailyness....i made muffins at 10:00 for my kids for breakfast. AND made the coffee on a timer so it will be ready for me when i wake up. why don't i do that every night?!
    i guess that is dailyness...but i don't usually do that everyday.

  5. Looks great!

    Yesterday I watched Friends. Two episodes while Quin was napping. :) I love season 2!

  6. love the short(er) hair. it looks so cute!

    hmm, to escape the dailyness...i hide in the bathroom with a magazine! :)

    no, i guess i run to target to shop with a starbucks, or maybe to my favorite antique mall with a friend for an hour or two, or maybe hit up the bookstore, grab a pile of decorating mags or books and SIT.

  7. Why a massage from you of course! It's THE BEST thing I do for myself. When I'm waiting for my day to come for my massage, I love to take a super hot bath, with a glass of wine. No music, no magazines, just QUIET! :)

  8. Do I see strands of red in the blond? I've always liked red! I used to be a escape fanatic! Now I NEED the Word, all the time, for escape, for routine, for pleasure and a little bit of Starbucks! Love, Janice

  9. Everyone needs an escape now and then. Mine is to go to the library or the thrift shop to look for vintage fabric.


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