Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nella's Turning One

I woke up to this post written by Kelle.
That girl knows how to feel the love.
Just go look at those beautiful faces.
Give, if you want.
It will make your Saturday.
I promise.

Here's a face that adds beauty to my life every day...Ella Corinne.

Click here for Kelle's post.


  1. Kelle's post is beautiful! As i went through it, my three year old was captured by all the pics. She began pointing and saying "i like her, i like her...." i realized she was pointing to every single one. She finally said, "i like all of them!" What an amazing cause! Beautiful, simply beautiful!

    ps-- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic of Ella. One of my very favorites!

  2. oh man. what a beautiful post this morning! moms like you two inspire me. you both love life and you share it. i love the way you love your kids... and you share them with us to let us love from afar as well! blessings to you special mamas with such special little ones.

  3. she is beautiful!

    so happy to have found your blog :)


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