Friday, August 31, 2012


Here is a very long post of what we've been up to this August.
All photos were taken with my phone.
I love my phone.
This month was filled with house projects that took place right outside my kitchen window. 
I learned that I not only like to eat pie, I like making pie.
Lisa Leonard taught me (and all the Craft Weekend Ladies) how to handstamp jewelry.

This is the one that I made.
It's taken from Isaiah 43:19 in the Message Bible.
I am wearing it nearly every day.
Rice bowls became one of my favorite things to eat.
Ella kept on losing teeth.
The pediatrician's office was visited more than once.
Both of my girls had strep last week.
Keri sent me this beautiful mug when I participated in CuppaKim's Mugswap.

I spent an evening with Bruce's family and Jerry Seinfeld.
And we sent Ella to 3rd grade.

Talia started gymnastics again.
I got brave and read this book.
I saw a beautiful girl study her reflection in a mirror.
And I decided to dig out my big camera. I missed her.
 I found a new cupholder at the grocery my purse.
And just this morning I made 12 pretty beds at the Craft House.

Are you on Instagram yet?
Oh it's so fun.
You should be.
You can find me @kimberleejost.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
life rearranged

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School {and more thoughts on Stories}

Ella has been back in school for several days now, and each day she has come home and said that school was "fun". Early this morning, however, reality crashed into exhaustion and she made it clear that she had other plans for today. And guess what? She didn't think today needed to include her teachers.
I remember those back to school feelings. I remember by the fourth day I was on my last "new" shirt, and having tennis shoes that once glowed so brightly in their newness now looked dingy and tired.
Sometimes that's how life can feel, too, when the newness wears off: dingy and tired.
I recently blogged that I wasn't happy with my story, and many of you have asked me how I'm doing with that.
The answer to that question is, "I don't totally know."
What I do know is that I am trying to connect with people who mean a lot to me.
I had a big, I mean huge, revelation about my story since I wrote about it.
I have cut parts of myself off from friends who love me because I didn't like the story I was writing with my life. When someone like me doesn't like their story, they have a tendency to not talk about their life. In the process, they also don't ask about other people's lives. Not because they don't want to hear about their friends' lives (they truly want their friends to share everything about their lives).
Instead of having a healthy conversation, you quit asking friends questions so that they won't ask you in return. You care from a distance, you pray for them, and you make yourself believe you are as good of friends as you've ever been. There's got to be some sort of psychological diagnosis for this kind of pattern, but I don't know it. I just know that it had become a part of my story. And it was one that was unhealthy and hurtful.
It was hurtful to them and to me. Thankfully, I have some amazing people in my life who really do love me, and want to be a part of the entire story.
I am guessing some of you feel like there are times you don't feel like you have anything to contribute to the conversation, and maybe even fear being asked. For my story to get better I've realized that I need people more than I thought I did. It's time to ask questions, and listen for the answers, and then ask more questions. It's time to share my story, and not hold back.
You see, I'm not just talking about sharing the hard stuff. We all have plenty of hard stuff that needs to be shared, but I need to get better about sharing the good stuff, too. Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear, "They don't need to know that. Will they think I am talking about myself too much? I can tell them that in a few months...after it's happened, or maybe I can just blog about it and be done with it? Braggart! Braggy-bragger!" 
Sharing details about the good is just as important as sharing our losses. I love to hear about the victories that are taking place in my friends' lives. When they get to send their kids to Grandma's, get a new job, and receive the perfect compliment, I want to be the one that is cheering the loudest. And when their lives are hard and their exhaustion crashes into reality, I want to be the one they send the SOS out to. I am learning that good stories have to contain both of those elements. The truth of our stories are made to be shouldered and shared. Doesn't that sound better than living it all alone? I am learning, and I'm liking it.
The pictures in this post are mostly from Ella's first day of school and my Back to School Coffee that took place last Friday. I added a few of Talia getting ready for her first day of school too, which sadly for her, doesn't start until next Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Tidings We Bring

You are not seeing an old picture. I took this picture on Sunday.
My girls have wanted to go out and Christmas carol this week. The cool 80 degree weather that has gotten them in the mood. How happy we are that our 110 degree days are behind us because 110 for days on end, make Jost girls grouchy. The end.

The Winner of the Message Bible is Beth.
Just sent my son to K-State with his Message Bible - love it!!
Glad to see your post.
Congrats, Beth! To claim your Message Bible send me an email to kimberleejost at yahoo dot com.

Let's go Wildcats.
And Jayhawks.
And Bluejays.
Oh who am I kidding? I don't really watch any of it.
It's more about all of the yummy football food for me.
Bring it on.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

WORD. {Giveaway}

Psalm 16:1
The Message
I love a good Word.
I haven't given away a Message Bible in a really long time, and I love to give them away.
I'd say it's time.
Who needs a Word?

To win the Message Bible (Mug not included, sorry), leave one comment.
That's pretty easy, isn't it?
The winner will be chosen on Monday night and announced Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend, friends.
May your days be full of the only One who makes sense.
The comments are now closed. 
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