Thursday, January 6, 2011


I fully intended to write a post about resolutions...a sort of resolution, if you will.
There are at least 14 things I'd like to improve in my life, but today, I'm spending the day with Talia on the couch.
She has the stomach flu bug.
Just last night at church I heard that it was going around, and lo and behold, we get it!
So, my resolutions ( I do make them) will have to wait.
In the meantime, PBS calls.
I think I'm going to need some 7up.
What is it about my own kids being sick that makes me want to drink that stuff by the gallon?
What are you doing today? 
Entertain me with your plans.
PBS can only get me so far.


  1. We are doing the same - holed up because Frank was puking last night! and I'm so with you on the 7-Up.

  2. Stomach flu here too. Just now getting 7up in me. No fun.

  3. Poor Talia! Yuck! We are going to get our new puppy today so when Talia feels better she needs to come over and play with her. We are pretty excited around this house :).

  4. i worked out.
    i cleaned a closet...not quite done.
    i took baby pics.
    i dethawed chicken.
    i still haven't showered.
    i went to sonic.
    i am helping my crabby kids with homework.
    my jr. higher threw up at basketball practice so i went and picked him up.
    i am going to go throw a load of laundry.
    what a glamourous life i lead.....

  5. Took one kid to newton to leave on a ski trip. Took two kids to school who did not catch the bus because Mom was in Newton (see above). Called one kid in sick and am thankful it is just semi-sick. Picked on kid up from school to replace his liscence because his wallet was stolen two days ago. Took the crockpot crock out of the fridge and put it in the heating unit, turned it on and sat in the hot tub. I am wrinkly and tired, and it is only 6:16. Too early for bed? Amy S.


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