Monday, January 3, 2011

Creepy Santa???

Don't you love people who are still talking about Christmas in January? That's me today.
Back to Minnesota...
On Christmas Day, it snowed on and off all day. We spent the day at my aunt JoAnn's...with all of this family. This is my Mom's side.
We missed three cousins, my sister, and their families. Kind of small this year, huh? Ha.
We ate until we couldn't shovel in another bite.
Then, this guy showed up.
My sister, Erica, was always scared of him. I couldn't wait until Grandma would get him down from the attic.
Just to see if Santa still bothered my sister, I sent her a picture text of the little guy in the red suit.
She sent back a text that said, "Creepy Santa lives!!!!"
This sparked a conversation, creepy, or not?
What do you think?
He's a part of every one of my childhood Christmas'.
A little creepy, perhaps.
Living in the attic.
Sounds like somebody's family.
Not mine, of course.


  1. Thanks, Kim. I think I just wet my pants. ;)

  2. I think he's kind of charming, but I could totally see how someone thought creepy.

  3. I could see creepy, like in a dark room :) he would be a little scary staring back at you, ha!

  4. Oh I can't believe this! When my son (age 33) was about a year old, my FIL bought a Santa that look exactly like yours. I have a picture of him sitting next to the that Santa. Well my MIL gave it to my son when his fist boy was born and they call it The Scary Santa. They get it out each year and say "Let's take a picture with the Scary Santa." I can't wait to share the link to this page with them.


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