Thursday, January 13, 2011


I found this picture today, and it made my heart smile.
Talia skipped into day care this morning like she hadn't seen her friends in years.
Did you know that in sick time one week equals a year?
I dropped Bruce at work.
Took my turn at carpool.
I happily went to the dentist.
Then the school called.
Ella's sick.
We thought we were all well and in a moment I am Screaming, Running, Naked...down my snow packed driveway!

After a few tears, I read this Word posted by Heather. 
God remembers me.
Does anybody else need that Word today???


  1. uggh! stomach flu is the woooorst!
    lots of prayers for a healthy home... and QUICK!
    wouldn't wanna miss out on anything important this month ;)

  2. thank you for this. so needed today!

  3. LOVE. it. i needed those words a few days ago. you witnessed it. but oh, what comfort. said so perfectly. i want this on my wall... every wall. and doorway and table and mirror. (i forget easily...)

    aaaand praying health has come back to your family by now! :)


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