Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Gift for Bruce...Ahem.

Last year Bruce and a group of his friends decided that they would read through the Bible in a year. Because he met his goal and finished, I bought him a gift.  
Is there anything sexier than a man reading his Bible every day? That's right, "sexier" and "Bible" can be in the same sentence, and when that "man" is your husband....
I may or may not be purring right this second.

Back to his  the gift.
Any ideas what I bought myself? I mean him. Ahem.
The Daily Message.
That's right.
I'm throwing my hat in the ring.
I am reading the Bible in a year.
I started this morning...15 days late.

Anybody else reading the Bible through in 2011???
It's not too late, is it?


  1. I'm reading just the OT in 2011 - haven't started but I've printed off the reading chart; does that count? I wanted to read through it chronological so it would make more sense. In 2010 I did a Read through the New Testament in 30 days. It was intense but so good. Now it's time for the Old!! I'd love to do the bible with the message - you GO girl!!! I agree - bible and sexy do go together when it's your man!

  2. Can I comment twice on one post? I just showed the post to Jason and before he could see what the gift was he said, "Is it going to be lingerie?" I guess he was thinking that would have been a better reward for reading through the bible in a year. HA!!

  3. It's a little hard to admit but I started in 2010 but didn't finish so I am continuing into 2011. I decided there isn't anything magical about a year so I will finish when I finish.

  4. Oh I think Sexy and Bible do go together when it is a wife talking about her man. My man will read the bible but he would never pray much. Last year he started getting up at 6:30 AM to pray. So I know how you feel. It is great to see the man in the house drawing nearer to God in all ways.

    While I am not reading through the bible in one year (although I have) I am on a perpetual reading of the bible. I usually read it every morning on Biblegateway. I just leave a Biblegateway tab up all the time on my computer at the place where I will read next. I read three chapters at least per day and some times more. I go from one book to the next and keep on going. I am in the New Testament since Spring of last year because I decided to read it through a second time. I will move on to the OT when I finish. It has been about 30 years since I have read from Isaiah to Malachi but I have read from Gen. to Is. a few times. My plan is to start with them and then go back to Genesis. I kept trying to read through in one year and would give up. Since I started this I just keep reading.

    If anyone is looking for some help reading the bible check out biblegateway it has many versions. Also a friend of mine Rick Mordoff, is owner of Know What Jesus Would Do and you can download a free reading list for the year.

  5. i think i need this.
    i should get myself to the bookstore tomorrow.
    who doesn't need more bible?

  6. I am reading through the bible this year and I am using the same book you all are!


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