Tuesday, July 17, 2012


...Watching a story is not the same as actually living a story. When you are watching a story you can watch a character struggle and enjoy it. But when you are that character, when you're actually living inside the story, it's not so fun. 
---Donald Miller in A Million Miles In A Thousand Years.
I've been spending time reading Donald Miller this summer. And although I hate to admit this to anyone, I realize that I am not enjoying my story. Whose fault is that?
I think I can fake a pretty good story most days, or at least an entertaining one. 
But I'm realizing that I'm not whole heartedly living that story. Am I grateful for it? Do I enjoy it?
I mean who among us can turn a repetitive Tuesday into a good story? Wake up early, get breakfast for the kids, clean up the dishes, clean up the kids, do some laundry, repeat with lunch, repeat with snack, repeat with dinner, fall into bed.
Photo by Talia.
The ambitions we have will become the stories we live. 
-Donald Miller

Ambitions?! Most of my ambitions are to make it through each day and exhale once my children are asleep. There are seasons for that, but when you've been living that story longer than you can remember, you realize that you need some new ambitions.  
Photo by Talia, lick courtesy of Ella.

This last week I made some decisions about my story. I am creating new ambitions, and I am ready to live them no matter how uncomfortable they make me.  It's time to live the best story I am able to live. That probably means I won't be here as often, but I'll still be around. Maybe even more so. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I don't know where the summer is going, or where it's gone.
I am very sure I was with you all yesterday.
Here's where we left last off...Ella's birthday.
I have become a huge fan of these tortilla chips. 
The 141,356 reason to love Target.

Kids who sing their VBS songs at nursing homes are my favorite.

I turned 38. Oy.
Bruce asked me what my goals were for 38. 
The family goals are short and sweet.
One of my favorite things about summer: sundresses.
And I quote, "Mom, I don't think you really want to come in here."
Talia begged Bruce to ride this and he caved.
(Which I love him for.)
Ella wanted nothing to do with the carousel.
She begged to ride these.
I did. 
Six times.
On the 4th of July I went to a yoga class with my mother in law.
Which lead me back to her house and fruit pizza.
Dollar store American flags + kids = fun for them 
and photo opportunities for everyone else.
I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app this past week.
I love it, and I hate it...

Like when my "pal" tells me that I can have a half cup of my favorite pesto chicken salad .
Some pal.
Backpack, Bible, and proud smile...she loves Sunday.
It's been a busy couple of weeks.
Do you feel like summer is just flying by like I do?
What do you do to try and slow it down???

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