Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blowing the Whistle

I wrote this last week.
And what a week it has been since...
What if I told you that I have a magic power?
Would you believe me?
Okay, it's not actually a power, but I’m pretty sure that it’s always been there.
It's kind of a...thing I can do.

Some of you are already thinking that you know what it is.

You are thinking that I can tell when a woman is pregnant before she’s announces that she is. 
Some of you, I have made that claim about!
While I’m good at guessing, I have been wrong before.

Sometimes I see things that other people don't.

This thing I know well because I’ve lived it, and it makes me want to run.
Run fast.
Run hard.
Run in the opposite direction.

And I hate to run.

It shows up as jealousy.
It shows off as false humility.
It competes.
And covets.
And steals the sight of what’s good in ones life away.
Then, it sweeps out the legs with “what should be”, or “I wish...”.

If you feel like you can’t get anywhere in life because of what everyone else is doing…

If you feel like everyone has a relationship with Christ that you wished you had…

If by you saying that someone else is pretty, their house is nice, or their kids are well behaved, or if heaven forbid they were given a compliment of which you did not receive, and that makes you feel less valuable…

I feel compelled to tell you…the Enemy (the Devil) is after you.

The very thing that you would never admit to is the thing that He is using against so many of us. 
And I for one am blowing the whistle on him.

He’s using COMPARISON.

We just can’t get our own lives right.
And everyone we know is doing it better than we are.
Not that we would admit that something great is happening for someone else!
That would defeat us.
We lose.
And that would make us feel bad.
 Comparison sickness is real.
What’s most concerning is that many of us who have this sickness don’t know that we have it. We walk around making others feel like they want to run away from us because comparison sickness has a stench that can actually be seen.

I can see it...
in my own life and the lives of many.
And instead of running away, I have a strategy.

Here’s my plan of action to defeat the Enemy:
I’m surrendering today.
I am laying it all down and looking up, not all around.
God calls himself the lifter of our heads. (Psalm 3:3)
He places His large hands on my cheeks.
We go forehead to forehead.
Every. Single. Day.
I'm not kidding.
That’s how close it’s going to need to be for me.
I need to see the reflection of His beauty, and not anybody else’s.
He is the hope.
He is the freedom.
In Him, there is healing from comparison sickness.
What have I waited for?

Friday, August 26, 2011


He is your constant source of stability.
Isaiah 22:6

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School Coffee 2011

Talia and I rushed home to greet our guests at the annual Back to School Coffee.
I put the food out. Drubers Donuts were the main event. 
With a side of cheese. (Thank you, Shawna V.)

High fives were given, and kleenex's were readily available.

There were children everywhere.
Organized chaos...just how I like it.
This is Jetta, she was in her mama's tummy at the last BTSC.
Braxton found a spot just for him.
Adam and I spent a little time together playing.
He told me that he likes coming to my house the most. 
I told him to come and bring his mama anytime!
I feel so blessed to live in a community with such great women.
If you live here and weren't at my house yesterday morning,
 please plan on coming next year.
I hope to see the rest of you again and again.
And a special thank you to the true donut hero in my life who 
drove an hour round trip at 5:00 am to pick these up.
I feel so loved.
And full.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

It's the first day of second grade for Miss Ella.
Meet her teacher, Mrs. Dick.
We actually shot this picture yesterday.
Since Ella began school, I have arranged to take her to her new
classroom the day before school actually starts.
We take her picture. 
We see her name on her desk.
She gets to feel "known" a little bit. 
 If you have a child who doesn't adjust well to change, I highly recommend this strategy. 
It has made our first morning of school incredibly easy.
At yesterday's preview visit to the classroom, Mrs. Dick told Bruce that she
was a student teacher in his second grade classroom in Topeka, KS. 
She looks way to young for that to be true, don't you think???? 
She must've started teaching when she was ten.
We didn't hang out long at school this morning.
We had some partying to do at home with the Back to School Coffee ladies.
More on that tomorrow.
Right now I have a Candyland date with Talia.
And I really can't let her beat me, again.

Monday, August 22, 2011

SnapShop Winner!!!!

The winner of Ashley Ann's September SnapShop Giveaway is....................

Aimee said...

Awww I would love the chance to win.
Aimee, I will email your email address to Ashley, and she will be in contact with you!
Now, for those of you who didn't win, you can still enroll in the September class. September is right around the corner, so don't delay!  Click here to do so.
Thanks to Ashley for sponsoring this giveaway.
Isn't she the coolest? 
She totally is.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Breakfast Sin and other Crazy Fun

I let myself sin at breakfast this morning.
Enter "the Bundt of Sin".
Oh. My. Chocolate. Goodness.
With coffee, mind you.
Could there be any other way to start a Friday?
He ate an orange.
We've had a crazy, busy week.
All fun...my parents flew in and are here for a week.
I am thinking about Whatever Craft Weekend every hour of every day.
Meg and I spent a good chunk of one day together this week.
And part of that time was devoted to shopping for fabric.
I sort of have an obsession with that small turquoise dot there.
Or the navy.
Or the gray.
I'm getting ready to host my Back to School Coffee, which means that we're getting ready to go back to school next week. Shopping, haircuts, doing all the "lasts" of summer were also tied into this week.

Because it wasn't crazy enough this weekend, I decided to get mine cut shorter.
Which reminds me, I need color asap.
I'm looking a little...oh what's the word...

Just in case you missed it, you should enter the SnapShop Giveaway.
And then head over to Amy's blog to enter again. She's giving one away, too!

I am happy to go back to work today to relax a bit.
Does anyone else say that?
And then we're into a weekend without any plans.
(Cue the Hallelujah Chorus!)

What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ashley's SnapShop Giveaway

Okay, you know how I was telling you all how much I LOVE Ashley's new online photography course SnapShop?
Well, guess what?
Ashley{my new bff...because I told her so last night} is giving it to me to give to you!!!!

That's right YOU could win a seat in the September SnapShop class.
Is your heart beating rapidly at the the thought already?
Mine is, and I can't win this one!
My Dad took this picture of me at the beach in June. Hmmm.
Purchasing Snapshop would be a great Christmas gift for him.
He would love this course. Oh, and Dad, wipe all of that from your memory
and act surprised Christmas morning, okay?
The thing that I loved the most about SnapShop is how simple it was to follow. I know there are those of you out there who have opened your DSLR manuals only to throw them back on the shelf and never to look at them again. Well Ashley has does an amazing job at spelling it all out. PLUS there are other deals to be had by taking her class. I'm talking discounts, people. At her favorite photography sites. Who knew how great it all would be!

Are you ready to throw your name into the hat and win a seat in September SnapShop?

Here are the details. Feel free to enter by doing them all!
1. Leave a comment on this post and you're entered.
2. Facebook it, Tweet it, Blog it for additional entries.
3. "Like" Reece's Rainbow on Facebook for an additional one.
4. Become a follower of my blog, the driveway of Life, for your final entry.

I am crazy excited for each of you.
I'll have random.org choose a winner on Monday, August 22 at Noon, CST.

For more information and to enroll in the September the SnapShop
 Click here.
***Comments are now closed. See you soon for the winner announcement!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

It Is Well

On Friday morning Bruce (second from the left for those of you who are guessing)
went to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with these guys.
They met a few more friends and climbed Mt. Harvard.
This is their "top of the mountain" pose.

Because Ella and Talia were still at Grandma Camp, that meant.................
I spent time working on a few painting projects including my mother's day gift to myself.
It's now primed and ready for color.
On Saturday my friend, Sara, and I went to see The Help.
We had both read and loved the book.
And we loved the movie, too.
Source: The Help Movie
It will make you cry.
It will make you cheer.
It will make you think.
It will make you want to read the book. {again}
I also spent time working on my Snapshop Class this weekend. I soon came to realize that I have been doing something terribly wrong in setting my aperture when more than one person is in the shot. I also learned a ton about shutter speed, exposure, and ISO.
This picture is funny (from our trip to NC) but now I can see EVERYTHING that is wrong with this shot and learning to correct them in manual. Right now, I think I could retake this picture and it look completely different. I am going to be sad when this class is over. I'm learning so much!
Bruce and the girls came home to me last night.
We spent most of the evening playing in the yard together.
It was perfect night for laughing, playing with neighbors, and for hearing each of their stories.
While being home alone for the weekend will always make 
me a bit giddy, welcoming each of them home settles well within my soul. 
I've kind of gotten used to having them around. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

The News.

Just in case you didn't see this on the news tonight, check out Blake's story.

Don't forget to comment on Anna's blog  so that they can get $1 per comment towards their adoption.
They said a neighbor of their's is matching it.
Have I mentioned that I love this town???

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten on Ten:: August 2011

It's Ten on Ten day.
Here's the "I spent a good chunk of the day in the car" version.
It's the "I sort of forgot I was doing this most of the day" version.
Or it could also be known as the "I am so glad to be home and am 
done thinking about anything else" version.
Here are my pictures...all seven of them. 
 My Bible is broken...Boo.
 We are loving the rain and the cooler weather. It was 67 degrees at 9:00 this morning.
 Grandma (and Grandpa) camp started today.
Butter...the only thing I bought at Wal-Mart.
It's about to get really good around here.
My sister gave me this "E" bracelet for Christmas the year Ella was born.
It's one of my favorite things. 
 Spicy Shrimp Pasta...he cooked.
Any day that ends with shrimp is a happy one in my book.
The same could be said of butter.
And cream.
And cheese.
That's all.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For the Ladies.

Source: Pinterest.
I want to be THAT woman.
Anybody else???

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Deep Thought" and Winner.

Bruce and I often look at each other wide eyed after some sort of deep conversation with Talia. She's had a command of the English language since she was about a year old, and to our disadvantage (and her advantage!) she has become a master debater. There is no topic that she is not willing to dive into: marriage, the Holy Spirit and iPhones have been recent topics. When disciplining her I find myself in a sea of "options" that she, herself, has chosen. It can be exhausting one minute and thrilling the next to be a part of her world.

This week, as we were clearing the table after dinner one night, Talia gave me the quote of all quotes that pretty much describes how she sees herself in this world. She said,
"When I was a little girl, I didn't know it."
Age 3.75
She has never said anything more true in her life. :)
And the winner of yesterday's Dairy Queen's Blizzard for two, which is really a $10 gift card...hey maybe number 9 (thank you Random.org) can buy three!!!!!!!

{cuppakim} said...
ok - this is the funnest date without a babysitter idea ever.
i am way impressed that it worked. :) 
i have no clue where the nearest dairy queen is.but with a post like this.and
 a commercial like that.i'll google and find out.here's to hoping i win :)

Congratulations to you...email me your full name and address so I know where to send the gift card, okay?!
Happy first weekend of August to the rest of you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nutter Butter Blizzard

At least four times a day for the past week Bruce would look at me with that look (the one your husband gives you and you know exactly what they are thinking) and say,
"Nutter Butter".
He'll admit, the new commercial is a favorite of his. Marketing has him hooked.

Personally, I'd like to keep other people's chest hair out of the sentences that involve food, but that's just me.

So, yesterday at lunch I looked at Bruce romantically and said,
"Nutter Butter Date tonight."
To which he replied, "I was thinking the same thing."

About an hour before the girls' bedtime we loaded up and about 10 miles out of town (we have to drive 23 miles to our "local" DQ) the girls were asleep.
My plan to have a date and not pay a babysitter was working perfectly.
The sky grew dark earlier creating an even more romantic mood. Ha.

We drove up.
I was tempted to order the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup one, as usual, but this was a Nutter Butter trip, so deal me a mini, please.
He was so happy.
And you know what? It was crazy nutters  good!
The "soft serve" even tasted peanut buttery to me.
I recommend that you go out and have one today.

And just so you can, I'm giving away 2 blizzards right here!!! 

Answer this question:
What's your favorite blizzard of all time? Do you have one that's your "go to" flavor? 
Or do you try something different every time?
Comment on this post and random.org will pick a winner Friday at noon, CST.
One comment per person.
If your name starts with Bruce and ends with Jost you are not eligible. 
We'll go on a Nutter Butter date again, soon.
I promise.
The comments are closed.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Raise your hand if you've ever fed your family cereal at dinnertime.
A friend of mine told me last week that her coworkers scolded her for giving her children cereal for dinner every once in awhile.
We shampooed the carpets this weekend, and the furniture still needs to be moved back in.

I told her that my family loves cereal night.
Like tonight, at 6:00 pm.
It was 111 degrees out.
I hadn't planned.
I didn't want to heat up the house.
I asked if anyone objected to cereal.
I think I heard a "Hooray" from somebody.
Fruit Loops for some, Oatmeal Crisp for another.
Cereal night may have just become a summer Monday night tradition at our house.
I'll have to thank my friend for that.
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