Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ella...the Flower Girl

Amy was Ella's first babysitter. I think she must've been in 10th grade when Ella was born. Ella adored her. When Amy asked Ella to be a flower girl in her wedding, we were thrilled!
Yesterday, was Amy and Ella's big day.
Amy married Paul (Why is it that I ALWAYS forget to take pictures of the groom?) and Ella got to wear the prettiest dress next to Amy's, of course.
Ella LOVED the dress. What girl wouldn't?
She also LOVED her new friend Loriah. They share a love of fruit chews and Hershey's kisses.
Ella LOVED Loriah's hair, but didn't want a thing in hers!
What she did not love was walking down the aisle. This picture was taken the day before.
Practicing. In an empty church. Fully lit.
In the end, she did not actually walk down the aisle during the service. Amy fully supported that. She wasn't bothered in the least that Ella had another plan. And because Amy was cool with it, Bruce and I tried to go with the flow.
So, Ella wore the dress, and ran around at the reception as cute as she could be.

Our hearts are full of joy for Amy and Paul.
Thanks for choosing Ella be a part of your wedding day.
We love you, too.


  1. Ella, you rock that're gorgeous! Love you!

  2. Your blog is too cute! I will stop by more often. Clicked on your link from Whatever.

  3. Oh my! Beautiful! Ella and Amy! I didn't know Amy got married!! She is a wonderful young woman. Janice

  4. We were gone for Christmas, so I just saw your Christmas card page. Love the goofy faces!! Janice

  5. Lady Ella, I love your dress! You are wearing it beautifully!

  6. annie was so happy to have someone to play with.
    ella was so fancy. shoes or no shoes.
    i am so glad you were there last night....selfishly. :)

  7. My goodness she is sweet. I really love the picture of her walking down the carpet in the empty church.


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