Monday, January 31, 2011

Somebody Pinch Me.

A snowstorm is coming this way.
I could care less.
I am flying high from this past weekend.
I spent the weekend with an amazing group of bloggers.
Somebody pinch me.
I am completely inspired.
I am renewed.
I am encouraged.
Why do I feel so tired, then?
It must be the amounts of sweets I shoved in my face.
It might be the fact that I made crafts for the first time ever. 
It might be that I used up my daily word allotment for the next month.
It might be that I didn't go to bed before 1 am for two nights in a row.
More coffee, please.
I wonder if we can do this all over again next month???


  1. WHAT?!? I need more information about your weekend! I have been waiting patiently :)

  2. it rocked.
    and i am feeling the sugar coma.
    and that i surely gained five pounds.
    you are now a crafter.
    you did it.

  3. i am totally with you on the word allotment! i loved every minute of this weekend! i wish every weekend could be like that!!!! so glad to finally meet you in person!! YAY for new friends!

  4. Ummm pretty sure you rocked the crafts! So great to meet you!!

  5. i have historical documentation of you SEWING ruffles...on a sewing machine! YAY for you!
    you are officially unleashed! :)

    so where are we going next month? haha.
    i'm totally in.

    love you girlie. you are awesome.


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