Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I'll admit, I may not have been very present in the life of my three year old this morning.
I was doing laundry.
I was watching Regis and Kelly. (Kelly had on this amazing pink dress. Want, double want.)
I was making a grocery list, reading my daily Bible passage,and cleaning up the kitchen.

Talia was getting into everything. And whining about EVERYTHING. And mixing it up with real tears while being all over me.
What really got my attention was when she said to me,
"What happened to you? You were in such a good mood at breakfast!" 

To which, I laughed out loud.

What happened to me?
What happened TO ME????
I said, "Disobedience happened."
She looked at me wide-eyed like she had no idea what I was talking about.
While it's true that she had been disobedient several times, it's also true that I was paying very little attention to her. I had been saying, "Uh-huh, yes, totally," and not really hearing a word she had said. I was doing what I was doing and wishing she would do what she could do to stay entertained.

Someone commented on the Tangled Weekend post that they were inspired to spend more time with their little ones after reading about our weekend. Well, this morning, I needed a bit of inspiration myself. So, before running errands, we headed outside to both breathe deeply.

It was snowing something that resembled the Dippin' Dots that you get at the mall. I've never actually tasted Dippin' Dots, but it felt like what I would imagine Dippin' Dots to feel like if they fell from the sky.
Talia decided to have a taste.
Not bad.
"Oh, wait. I got it in my eye!"
"That's better, but my scarf is choking me."
"It IS choking me."
I was reminded while we were catching snowflakes with our tongues, that making those deposits is important. It's also very exhausting. Why can't I see those interruptions as big time investment opportunities? When I feel like she's withdrawing more than her budgeted amount, it's time for me to take notice. It's time for me to be generous.

Generous in love.
Generous with time.
Generous with discipline, if needed

It doesn't just "happen" over a weekend when we decide to take her to the movies because honestly, that is not enough.

If I am banking on the fact that both of my "investments" will be worth a lot in the end, there is work to do.

Now's the time to invest in me, so I'll have more to give away.
Talia's napping.
I'm off to read a magazine.
Maybe I'll be able to get past dinner without being called out on my mood. :)


  1. how sweet. i love your 'real-ness'. happy investing! :)

    ps- i linked to you on tuesday w/ the "God remembers me" quote... even though you found it somewhere else. i found it here. ;)

  2. Okay...I cannot get past her sweet little hat with the flower-
    sandy toe

  3. Well said. Thanks for the reminder to BE present.


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