Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten on Ten:: January 2011

Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. 
Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. 
Then share your beauty with us!

I'm not going to lie.
I needed an excuse to find the beauty in today.
As of 5 pm, everyone in my family is sick but me.
Five minutes ago I found poop on the front of my jeans.
It's been at least five hours since we've had that kind of issue around here.
That's the kind of day I've had.
I've documented the good stuff, though.
Thank goodness.
Looking forward to wellness for all.
And hoping that I'm not next to get it.


  1. ugh, so sorry your house is sick you did however manage to find so much beauty! the poop on the jeans totally cracks me up, I am so there with my three right now :)! thanks for participating today!

  2. I always think that every month after you post this that I am going to do this....then the 10th rolls around and I forget until you post :) Remind me next month! ha!

  3. Ugh! Sorry all are not well in your home. You did manage to take some great photos though!

  4. You certainly take beautiful pictures. You have a very artistic eye for photography.

  5. 1. i hope everyone gets better soon! being sick is for the birds!
    2. i am impressed with your photography skills. this is a great series of pics!
    3. i must try this someday soon.

  6. first of all, so sorry you guys are battling this crud going around... for far too long.
    second, why does the snow look so much more beautiful in hillsboro? that first picture was torture.

  7. I read "Water for Elephants" and really liked it. There is a movie coming this summer!!

  8. I hope everyone gets well and quick!

  9. Wow Kim! Glad you could find some beauty in your day after finding poop on your jeans! :) Not sure I would have been able to. Hope everyone gets over it soon!

  10. Oh, no! I hope you all feel better...Poop on jeans is *never* good.

    You would never know by looking at these images. Wonderful 10!

    I hope the crud steers clear of you and that all your peeps are better soon.

  11. I am so sorry for the sickness. No fun at all.

    That first photo is gorgeous! I like the Bear Snores On book myself. :) I also really like the sparkly snowflakes. Kelly

  12. Ack! We dealt with similar issues the entire month of December. Hope it clears up quickly for you all and that you remain unscathed!

    Loved your set, though!

  13. Oh no...sorry about the poop. Not fun. Hoping your family is on the mend. Your set turned out great...jealous of the snow, it is so pretty!

  14. I love your photos... hoping that everyone at your house gets well soon.

  15. What a crappy day. HA! Hope you all wake up feeling better! Totally forgot it was the 10th till I saw your post. We were even home all day for a snow day! Oh well - next month!

  16. Wow. You took some wonderful pictures amidst your crummy day. I feel for you. It seems like at least one of my 4 have been sick since September. Good job finding beauty among the yuckiness.

  17. love the pic of bruce and talia asleep on the floor!

  18. what a lovely 10! its hard to imagine it snowing somewhere while its still 90 degrees over here. :) hope your fam feels better soon!!

  19. Ok, so i'm way late on this comment....maybe that means it's just you and me reading this:). Loved the pic of Bruce and Talia on the floor....loved reading all the comments. Would make a comment about that, but will save it for email!:)

    love ya!

  20. Oh we have had a lot of nose blowing (Thanksgiving to New Years) and throwing up (Saturday) around here so I know how you are feeling.

    I see you are reading Water For Elephants. I listened to it a few years ago when The Bookoholics group on Eons read it. I really liked most of it but parts were disturbing. How do you like it?


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