Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Reunion

I have tried to figure out how to put The Krienke (my maiden name) Family Reunion into words.
What's the word for "to be known"?
The word must be HOME.
I haven't lived in Minnesota in many years.
But, being around this much family (Brandes' and Krienke's) was LIFE GIVING for me.
This trip was a shot in the arm of everything that means something to me. I've been floating ever since.
A casual arm over the shoulder of a cousin while she eats her dinner...I remember that, too. I swoon.

Babies, babies and more babies. We're missing one in this picture....and I adored Mr.Sam, too.
Time together....bowling. Something we have NEVER done as a family, but a game that my Grandpa was amazing at. He was Bowler of the year in the 90's.

Me? Not so much. I don't love bowling. I don't love wearing other peoples shoes, but for the nostalgia, I was totally in. I bowled a 52. I'm obviously not lying about that.
The weekend was togetherness in true Krienke fashion.
Crazy, LOUD, rip roaring fun.
My cousin Faith planned a ton of Minute to Win It games for us.
There were times to savor.
Times to laugh.
And times to remember our shared past.
Minnesota is home, after all.
Everything in me knows it.


  1. So glad it was a great trip and good times with your family!!

  2. Looks like a fun time!
    We played minute to win it also.

  3. I love this blog I don't always comment but I sure love to look.

  4. How cool is this!? So, I'm blog surfing and through another stranger's blog, I link up to this one, and lo and behold I think, "Hmmm...some of this looks like I might know someone here..." and then there is a photo of Aaron Krienke right in front of me and I got super excited! I don't know you at all, but my brother and Aaron were good friends and travelled together with SYG (music team) in college (I went to the same college too) for a couple of summers so, I feel like we're almost friends, right? :)
    Anyhow, I'll have to check out the rest of your blog...SO fun to stumble across people in this great wide blogosphere --


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