Friday, January 21, 2011

In Style's "On My Mind"

It's time for In Style's "On My Mind". This month the celeb is Kim Kardashian.
I wonder if she knows that I was the original Kim K. It's true. My maiden name starts with K and when I was in elementary school I was known as Kim K. because there was more than one Kim in my class.
Which reminds me, does anyone know where Kim M. is?
Back Miss Kardashian's topics. You'll have to pick up an In Style for her answers. Here are mine...
My to-die for- style icons are...Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, and new this week---Kelly Ripa.
My latest passion is...READING. I have finally made time in my schedule to do a little bit of reading every day. I'm currently reading Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck.
I can't travel without...Tylenol PM. I don't sleep well in a hotel room without it...especially since the bed bug outbreak.
I am dying to go to...France. I went once in college. Someday Bruce and I will go there together...someday soon, I hope.
I love wearing...Spanx. They're warmer than Cuddle Duds in the winter and you look like you've lost five pounds. As soon as I realized this, I kicked Cuddle Duds to the curb.
I love to collect...I don't really collect anything. I kind of think that collections have a tendency to collect dust and I collect plenty of that without one.
I'll never commit real hair color and Jay Leno. 
How about you? I'd love to hear what you have to say. Copy and paste the categories in the comment section and fill in your answers. Answer them all, or answer a few. I can't wait to read what you have to say.
Happy Weekend!


  1. i love these kind of blog entries!

    my to-die-for style icons... kate winslet, gwyneth paltrow, isla fisher

    i can't travel without... my children. i am not to a place in my life where i am ready to leave them.

    i am dying to go to... alaska (after seeing the proposal i am in love with the idea of an alaskan cruise)

    i love wearing... my new yoga pants from o.n. - $10 special!

    i'll never commit to... living in jetmore. i tell myself every day that this is temporary.

  2. i wonder if i can take my children with me on that alaskan cruise? ;)

  3. YOU are my style icon.

    is that too much pressure?

  4. Oooh, I love these! Don't have to ask me twice!

    My to-die for- style icons are...Carrie Underwood, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holms.

    My latest passion is...P90x---6 days a week!

    I'm currently reading-- Max Lucado "Grace for the Moment"

    I can't travel without...A box fan. It covers every obnoxious hotel hallway noise!

    I am dying to go to...Hawaii and Italy. I will get to both places. Someday.

    I love Uggs. Never was there a more comfortable, warm boot. Why did I not invest sooner???

    I love to collect...Magazines. Then I read through them at my leisure. Which sometimes is a MONTH after I get them. But that's okay!

    I'll never commit to... the idea that sleeping in dies when you have kids. I slept until 8 am this morning!

  5. no way you are reading that book!!! my sister told me about it in october and i have thought about that title every single time i see a picture of myself since! i was going to blog it but decided since i only read about one book a year it would never happen. :)

    jay're funny.
    i lost all respect for him.
    he is slimy.


  6. My to-die for- style icons are...I'm not sure I have a style...I need your help in that category ☺

    My latest passion is...oreo cookies and milk.

    I can't travel without...MY OWN PILLOW! It's a must! I can't lay my head on a community pillow...gross.

    I am dying to go to...EVERYWHERE! I love to travel and it's my dream to travel ALL over the world...someday.

    I love sweatpants. It's not stylish at all, but I am a comfort kind of girl. They are feel like home to me.

    I love to collect...antique plates. I have too many. And they do collect them though.

    I'll never commit to...never wearing sweatpants again or being overly organized and punctual. Spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants is more my style.


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