Friday, July 2, 2010

SRN...carrying on the tradition

I don't remember the first time I actually USED the words "Screaming, Running, Naked" together, but I do remember WHO said it first. My mom.

Here she is with my dad. Obviously well out of her SRN years. Lookin' good.
Several times a year month, my mom would describe her day to my dad, "I'm about to go screaming, running, n---- d--- the driveway." And then she would go to the grocery store.

She also said this to my sister and me. We had pushed all her buttons. You know what I mean. The fighting, the whining and begging...ugh. She'd say, "You girls are going to send me screaming, running, n--- d--- the driveway." We lived on a farm, and our driveway was long.  I always wondered what she would do when she got to the end. Get the mail? 

I used to laugh (to myself, I'm no dummy) at the thought of my mother running down the driveway naked. I laugh no more. On the days when disobedience, tiredness, and will collide, Bruce gets an SOS text.
 srndtd, also known as:  
As soon as you get home, I am leaving for a bit.
SRNDTD  meaning:  
It's 4:58 PM.
Turn your computer off and get home. 
I'm about to surrender.
SRN! translation:
I am D-O-N-E, DONE!
I have been known to send all three texts within seconds. And several times each. Feel free to use these acronyms. Just make sure that the receiver of the text knows what they stand for, otherwise they'll just think your kid is playing with your phone.

When I started thinking about what to call this blog, I thought about my mom a lot. She gave me the words. I am screaming, running, n---- d---- his driveway called life. 

Sometimes I'm screaming because I'm upset, but more often I am screaming with laughter. 

I'm running after my girls, God, and thankfully with Bruce.

And then there's the naked part. This is who we are. 
You should probably call before you come over, but you can stop by here anytime.


  1. You started my day with a smile and a laugh!:)

  2. That's great! I never heard your mom say that-but I can totally see her doing it! (not literally, I don't think about your mom like that, now I am rambling, but you know what I mean!)

  3. That was me, Marjie, not Nick.

    That would be REALLY wierd!!!

  4. I was wondering what the story behind it all was! Thanks for sharing! I think it (SRNDTD)might start creeping into my vernacular!

  5. Kimberly, I just love you! It was another I'm going to go running, screaming, into the church parking lot, morning. I read this and smiled and smiled. The foot on the forehead and the finger in the eye made me hurt. Keep talking! Love, Janice

  6. I LOVE IT! Hilarious and SO TRUE!! I love that you imagined your mom running naked down your long drive way - hilarious! Makes me wonder what I say that my kids are trying to imagine -cause I say a lot of dumb things around here!!


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