Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BLT + Pesto Mayo

I love it when the tomatoes are ripe and juicy.
That means it's BLT season.

Sometimes we use Miracle Whip instead of Hellman's. I use whatever we have.

Sometimes I use turkey bacon, and sometimes we use the piggy kind.

Occasionally we use spinach instead of lettuce. This time we used lettuce.

Last summer we began adding pesto to our BLT's.  I usually mix it into the mayo creating a pesto mayo (PM) of goodness. This time I just spread it right on top of the mayo.
 There is so much love to be had this summer. I need to start pacing myself.


  1. We grill that and add a little jack cheese! Yes, yum! Janice

  2. i am hungry.
    can you bring me one? :)


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