Monday, July 19, 2010

Ella the Reader

This past year Ella began reading sight words. Out of all the things that I want for her in this world, a love for reading is in the top 10. Here she is playing our "reading game".  

The Reader from Kimberlee Jost on Vimeo.

Right now she loves to read, and I love being read to. Read on my little reader.


  1. Good job Ella! I was really missing you last night, and this morning I get to see you read again! Nana

  2. I'm like Nana. I'm going to play it again and again and then cheer! Love, Janice

  3. YEAH!!! Way to go, Ella!!!

  4. clapping like a little happy seal over here for you miss ella!!

  5. Nothing Sweeter than a Reader!!


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