Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Cord Not Easily Broken

On one of the first days that I had my camera, I took these pictures of Bruce. I am posting them simply because they amuse me. I told him to act natural.

Now in something completely unrelated, but also amusing, here is a conversation we had over the weekend:
B: I saw Landon today. He was asking me if I cut the umbilical cord when our girls were born. I told him that I knew I did for Ella, but I couldn't remember if I had at Talia's birth.
K: You did. On both.
B: I did? 
K: Yes.
B: I told him that I didn't think that it was as big as of deal these days. Not so dramatic. 
K: I think cutting the umbilical cord used to be a bigger deal when men weren't allowed in the delivery room. (Note: my tone was a little shocked because I didn't know that it wasn't a big deal. I tried not to let on.)
B: Yeah, I think he was trying to figure out if he wanted to do that. 
K: Oh he does.
B: I told him it was like cutting a chicken breast---kind of tendony.
K: You what? NICE.

And that makes me never want to eat chicken again. Thanks,love.

***Edited at 11:20 am: I guess I'm over it. We're have Pesto Chicken Salad for lunch.


  1. Way to act natural BJ.
    I think I'm with you on the chicken - the comparison grosses me out.

  2. Those first couple of photos look so much like Travis, I had to do a double take.

    Moral of the story: twins look more alike when they act "natural."

  3. Phil said it was like cutting a cluster of rubberbands! ha! ...not a meaningful moment for him either! hmm...

  4. That is absolutely hilarious! I sware bruce hasn't aged - he looks just like he did in the college days!

  5. I want that recipe! The chicken pesto salad of course! Janice

  6. interesting thought....women go through of the labor and pain...yet never experience the cord cutting part.
    and vice versa.

    and i have always thought it was kind of gross to have to do anyway. :)

  7. My husband didn't even want to cut the cord...I think it grossed him out! But I think it would be cool...of course, I also ordered him to take a pict of the placenta...

    Cute picts of Bruce! I am loving your blog, Kimberlee!


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