Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is not maintenance. 
This is restorative. 
This is nap time.
I've forgotten what it's like to read anything for and to myself.
Miss Delora highly recommended it. She is a librarian to love.
My girls are in awe of her and all of her creative ideas. 
And now she had one for me. 
I'm hooked. I'm 36 years old, and it's sucking me in. 
No pun intended. Really.


  1. I tried to avoid that series as long as I could...but I got sucked in too... They are addicting---BEWARE!

  2. I have no desire! I almost think it's because everyone loves it--and the rebel in me doesn't want to!

  3. I have the books, if you want to borrow any of them :)

  4. I enjoyed them... taking Erin to "Eclipse" this afternoon!

  5. As soon as my knitting list gets a little smaller, I will be reading them. Tera has me all hooked up with books to borrow. I'm excited! There's one pillow that just has to be done before I allow myself that kind of free time....

  6. each book draws you in more and more... can't wait to hear if you're team edward or team jacob. keep us posted! i have a feeling you will have them all read while you're in seattle. i read new moon in one night! by the way... i'm so team edward. :)

  7. I read them all too. I found myself living in an alternate universe while reading them. They REALLY suck you in. I love Jacob!


  8. oh my, yes, they are good books...i just saw eclipse and want to see it again!

  9. I got hooked too! The author was from the area where we lived in Utah so everyone was reading them the second they were out. My neighbor gave me a copy and told me I had to read it, I read it just b/c i felt bad telling my her no. I knew I would hate them but i loved them!! Just saw the third movie on our vacation with my sister in laws- we made the hubbies come too!


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