Monday, July 12, 2010

I blame the tomatoes

I sat down to eat this tomato from my garden and got tomato juice all over my brand new workout shirt. That's pepper on my tomato. 
I was so completely bummed out about my shirt, I canceled my workout. You read that right. I CANCELED MY WORKOUT.

Question: What does this "situation" say about my personality?
1. I look for any excuse to get out of a work out and take it.
2. I love tomatoes so much I shoved an entire slice into my mouth without cutting it.
3. I don't use napkins.

1. True.
2. True.
3. False---I was using a napkin.

Next time I'm going to wear my red Williams Sonoma apron. It functions well as a bib, and apparently, when it comes to garden tomatoes, I need one. How dare they keep me from my workout.


  1. I'm with ya sista (Talia might argue with me :) - but if it's raining, too hot, too cold, too early, too late, too windy, or no workout outfit is clean, really, it just makes sense to cancel. At least you got your lycopenes! LisaFree

  2. please take pictures in your bib!

  3. i completely understand--no way i would have worked out after something that upsetting!

    this post just cracked me up! :)


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