Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For the Twi-hards

I finished reading Twilight on the airplane out to Washington. I started reading New Moon on a ferry bound for Victoria, British Columbia.
A view from another ferry near the end of a very big day. We landed here.
You don't recognize it? 
It was 9:30 in the evening when we arrived in Port Angeles. We were actually just driving through. The plan was to quickly run up to Forks, but we ran out of day. We had to bust it for another ferry. Rats. The moon was shining. The sky was glowing. I wish I had better pictures. Obviously this picture was taken from the car where the speedy driver had not read the books. Ahem.
We drove through downtown Port Angeles. The movie theater in their small downtown area was showing Eclipse. I wonder if the people there think the books and movies are as interesting as the rest of the world???
I became a little obsessed with New Moon on our vacation. Bruce wanted to catch a Mariner's game. He suggested I bring the book along. Confession: I had thought of that before he suggested it. I ruled it out because I thought I might seem uninterested in his idea of fun. So when he mentioned it, I quickly threw it in my bag.
I finished it on the plane ride home. I'm currently a quarter of the way through Eclipse. 
Team Edward or team Jacob? I'm not sure yet. Time will tell.


  1. really!? i thought for sure you would have fallen in love with one of them by now!

  2. That's so funny hearing you talk about these books! I can't make up my mind Jacob sounds good...then again team Edward seems even better :) Then I think team Jacob for sure...still can't make up my mind :)

  3. I don't get the "Team" thing. Are we choosing between a guy who is deathly pale, sucks your blood, and never dies....and a guy who turns into a warewolf? Hm....I will get back to you when they are a little farther away in age from my own son! Amy S.

  4. my cousins hubby grew up in Forks !!.....Nikki R.

  5. We need to talk.....Vaughn was beside himself when i went to our neighbor's to see if i could borrow her copy of Twilight for this same trip. Now that i know you're reading them, i'll have to get your take. Not sure why the strong response....i think he thought i was going all teenagery on him (yes, i know that's not a word, but you know what i mean:) )along with the fact that he was surprised that i would want to read something about vampires. Just curious i guess.

  6. if we are talking purely looks, i'm on team taylor lautner!


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