Friday, July 23, 2010

Sur La Table and a Giveaway

Sur La Table is a gourmet kitchen store that caught my attention while I was in Seattle. How I saw it, I have no idea. It's next to Beecher's cheese shop and after the gloriousness that I experienced there, it's amazing that I could see past the chub of my cheeks.
I couldn't help but think of all of you who commented on the Pryde's of Old Westport post. post. I had some similar visions. Visions of shopping with each of you who commented.
Of what you would interest you. 

I always think of my friend Elisa when I see the smiley face. She decorated her dorm room in smiley faces.
And as I was thinking about Elisa and all of you, Bruce came over and said, "You have got to see this sign. It's so you." 

Thank you, Julia Child. This quote is bound to show up in my kitchen some day.
Bruce looked around for a bit more and then went outside. The Russian bakery was calling his name, and he could smell it. And yes, we went there. But first I had some clearance items to look at.
I ended up just purchasing a few cookie cutters and a Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander for myself. I despise suitcase limitations.
I purchased one to giveaway, too, because Bruce's grandma told me to have fun on this trip. And this is my idea of fun.

I'm giving away the red one.

Leave a comment by answering this question: What's your favorite kitchen gadget?
Comment under this post by 9 pm on Sunday, July 25th, CST. 
The winner will be announced on Monday morning.
One entry per person.

***The contest is now closed. See you in the morning!


  1. My favorite kitchen gadget is my SodaClub. The year I was a nanny in Germany the family always drank fruit juice spritzers (fruit juice mixed with "sprudle wasser"--club soda)... There were also syrups to add to the water to make sodas like sprite and dr. pepper... I went into serious withdrawel when I came back to the states, and was thankful when they went on the market here a couple years later. I love to keep some cool in the fridge for mixing with fruit juices and homemade syrups (my favorite is elderflower)--especially nice in the summer months! Also good for mixing with wines to make sparkling wine. Love to take it with me when invited's always fun to make with kids and makes an appearance each year at school when the class has earned an incentive! Great way to make a "healthy" treat! Love love love it!

  2. I'm loving pictures! I'd like to take you along if Jake gets called back to SPU for Scholarship interviews! My favorite gadget is my cookie scoops; the large one for Sunday morning muffins and the medium for cookies...might have to bake some today.

  3. How do I love thee, oh my kitchen gadgets, let me count the way - and how many I have and how many I don't have and want and let me count that red scoop colander as one I think looks like a new one I would love to add and oh, oh, oh - it's so dangerous for me to go in any kitchen store - or work in one - I had no paycheck - it stayed right there - oh, oh I can't narrow down to one - i love muffin spoons, I love the odd size measuring cups - use them more than the "normal" size - and love cookie scoops and dough scrapers and mixers and blenders and juicers and, and, and I am a greedy person -
    Glad you had a wonderful trip - thinking maybe I need to go to KC - haven't been to Pryde's lately - thanks for the pics and blog

  4. By favorite and most used kitchen gadget is my Mix N Chop from Pampered Chef. I brown hamburger all...the....time, and it chops it up so nice and fine! No more hours and hours of chopping with a spatula (ok, maybe it was more like minutes and least 20 minuts though!). Amy

  5. Practically speaking, it's my kitchen shears. With little kids it makes cutting bite sized pieces so much easier. And since we're talking about practical I'll also say my apple corer, also because of the kiddos.

    My frivolous favorite, and most recent purchase, is the Pampered Chef's Kernel Cutter. I love fresh corn but hate the messy fingers and face that come with it! Russ has braces and this way he can eat corn on the cob too.

  6. I have so many gadgets that I love....not sure I can pick just one....I love my mix-n-chop for hamburger, my scrapers for pretty much everything, my cookie scoops (which I used tonight for cupcakes...makes them all the perfect size), my slanted measuring cups, my can strainer, and oh I could go on and on, but I won't. I would though love to add that scoop colander to my favorites as well!!!

  7. Kind of a big gadget but my kitchen aid mixer is my fav!!!

  8. I love my odd sized measuring cups - I think they have changed my life! (well, my cooking life)

  9. Gadgets come and gadgets go! My good ol' small paring knife has proved a trusty friend over the decades. It has scaled fish, dug unsightly dirt from a dog's tooth, dug out dried tacky glue from antique projects, and of course the quintessential task of chopping small bits of onion for your morning quiche. Did I sound like Julia? Hey, I've been to that store too! I think it's it's the mothership of all Sur la tables. Janice

  10. I love my silicone potholder, which by the way I got at a Sur la Table store. We had one in Portland at my favorite outdoor mall and I stopped in there often and checked out all their goodies.

  11. Hi Kim! I found your blog from Nicole.
    I love my grapefruit spoons (from Crate and Barrel). They work great to scoop the insides of jalapenos out, too.

  12. My Cuisinart food processor which made it's debut run on salsa this very afternoon. I'm pleased.

  13. I honestly read this post and couldn't think of just ONE thing! Had to come back with an answer. I love my Whirrly Pop popcorn kettle. We use it often on the weekends to make sweet kettle corn and yummy salty/butter popcorn. My grandma used a regular kettle to make popcorn EVERY night for my grandpa (and us kids). Hoping that my kids have the same great memories that I did as a kid with the smell, sound, and taste of homeade popcorn.

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