Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Banya Day Spa--Everett, WA

Occasionally, people ask me where they should get a massage when they are on vacation. Some of you are asking, why would anyone ask her that? Well, I'm a massage therapist, who secretly wants to be a spa secret shopper in my free time.

A week ago, I went to the Downtown Banya Spa in Everett, Washington. It's attached to a church.
I know why these girls across the street are dancing.
A church and a spa at the same place? It's as close to heaven on earth as I can imagine. Amen!
My massage therapist, Tasha, greeted me, and invited me to use the hot or cold pools and either (or both) of their saunas. They have two: one dry, one wet.
I put my spa robe on and headed for the Russian sauna. I couldn't wait to get warm. When you come from a state where it's been 100 degrees to a state averaging 65 degrees, it might as well be 40. That's what it felt like to me. Staying warm is an issue of mine.

I sat in silence for awhile. Did I mention that I had the spa all to myself on that lovely day? I was alone in a spa, in a church, just me. And I was about to get a massage. I sat and talked to God. I thanked Him. My friend Taryn would say, "Don't you just feel God romancing you?" Uh, yeah. 

Regretfully, I did not get a picture of Tasha. She was friendly, knowledgeable and gave me the best massage I've ever had. And I've had more than most! She found every spot in my knotted up body and worked my muscles into submission. They happily gave in.

This is my favorite picture of me from our trip. It takes me back to how good I felt. Dreamily optimistic and hair with plenty of lift. Not a care in world. Full of praise for my Creator.
So, if you live in the Seattle area or plan to visit there, here's my recommendation:  
Make a day of it. Attend the Russian church attached to the the banya on a Sunday (next time I will), have lunch at the bistro (also in the same building), and then go to the spa. They are open on Sundays. Can you imagine a more perfect day?


  1. How lovely!! And super creative .... that's a first for me to see, a spa and a church. Great combo. I'm so glad you got to enjoy time there!! I still want to schedule one with you next time I come to visit!! My mom loves ya!

  2. What a great combo! Church and spa. I love the "robe" picture. You almost look giddy. Love, Janice

  3. Oh how i love that face!!!!!! It's the face i see most often in the mornings we have in Joy, OK. I miss that face!!!! Love you!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic experience! What a great way to spend a vacation.

  5. that is so great.
    i wish i had had that experience.
    i would love to feel as relaxed as you look. :)

    chruch spa?
    that is weird.
    but awesome.


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