Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seattle Love.

I had never been to Seattle before.

Seattle: home of Nirvana, Starbucks, Fraiser Crane, Microsoft, and Sleepless in Seattle.

"It rains nine months of the year in Seattle."

I was prepared for rain, but it never came.

When I first set my eyes on Pikes Market, the sun was going down. There was much fun to be had here in the morning.
And morning came! I knew they sold and threw fish around here.

So, when I saw these cherries, I about passed out. They couldn't taste as good as they looked. They tasted better! Beautiful, sweet, cherries.
Peas. Oh please. How can I get these home?
Garlic the size of a grapefruit. I did bring one of these babies home. I wonder if people will be able to smell me coming once I use it?
There were rows and rows of flowers. Bunches and bunches for five dollars.
And then there was this. I love water. I want to live by the water. Any body of water. In Kansas, we are as far away from water as we could be.
Across the street is Beechers. They make cheese. Our eyes widened. Our mouths watered.
The employee serving up our helping of their famous Mac and Cheese told us that Martha Stewart says it's the best Macaroni and Cheese she's ever eaten. I tried to find a quote online...I found a recipe for Beecher's Mac and Cheese.
See the tip jar behind the mac cheesy goodness. That cracked me up.

He loved it.
I loved it. It was 9:30 in the morning.
After all that cheese, we needed something to wash it down. So, we went to the first original Starbucks. It's right down the street. Across from Pikes, too. I love this town.
Tomorrow---more from Seattle. And a giveaway!


  1. Jake and I viewed your blog together today... he's pretty sure he'll be living there in a year. He loved visiting that much!

  2. Seattle is sooo wonderful! The market is the best! I can't wait to see if you went to the Russian bakery down from Starbucks. Janice

  3. So glad you got away . . . my mom said she saw you. My momma sitting here with me now. She came up today so we could sit by the pool together today and tomorrow!!!!! YEAH!!! Loved your pictures! The cherries are amazing!! We would pick those with my mom when they lived in Portland - oh the fruit and flowers!! Amazing in that part of the country!! Can't wait to see more of your pics! Welcome back to reality!!

  4. i want to go on this trip.
    to all these places.
    with NO kids.
    love love love this kim.

  5. Okay . . . don't tell Jake. But I loved Seattle. There was just an aura that felt comfortable. Jake and I were at Pike's Market for about four hours one day. We ate and drank coffee and listened to a great band outside of Starbucks and threw a fish and watched people all afternoon. Great fun.

    How did we miss the mac and cheese place?!

    Anyway, love your pics . . . especially the one with the sign against the setting sun.



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