Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I don't know why I've chosen to add one more thing to today. Ella needs to be to summer school in 30 minutes. We will follow that with library time and swimming lessons.
But this is maintenance, and I file things like this under things that NEED to be done. This is not fun. This is not an activity that I would choose to do during naptime/quiet time. That is saved for things that I really enjoy. I'll let you in on that tomorrow.

Right now I have to go and rinse this stuff off of my hair, or I'm sure to look like the albino in the Da Vinci Code. It happened once, and my friend Carisa is the only one who can testify to it.


  1. I thought we were calling that the "Billy Idol" 'do? And it will go to the grave with me, not to worry.

    Yes, maintenance, but oh so much better than the alternative!

    Can you imagine if your hair was brown?

    or worse yet, gray like mine????

    Wait, did I just say that?

  2. It was close to Billy, but do you remember? Do you remember where Bruce and I were going??? We were going to the opening weekend of the Da Vinci Code movie with his family. HAAAAAA! I was in character all right....and NOT happy about it.

  3. i had forgotten that little gem of info.

  4. I have a similar picture in my cache and have never posted it. A great little peek into a busy mom's life. My hair is red, and boy have I got the splotches in my white bathroom to prove it. Thank goodness its in need a painting five years ago so I don't feel so bad. Enjoy your day as a blonde goddess!

  5. My Bruce used to be my "colorist". It was the old plastic cap method with a bunch of little holes. I told him just to pull hair through every hole. The color was very light and my family said I looked like Madonna. It was a Saturday and the people in the church there still think I was sick that Sunday. I learned you can correct color mistakes! Happy blond days to you! Love, Janice

  6. I colored my hair about an hour before meeting new friends at the park yesterday. Lucky for me my husband was home to watch the kiddos because coloring your hair an hour before going somewhere is sort of silly and I ended up very flustered. I could not meet new friends with all the grey I had though! That would simply not work! =)

  7. Hey, remember when we colored my hair in high school? Right before my senior pictures. And it was That is the one and only time I've colored my hair. However, the white hairs (I get white, not gray for some reason) are creeping in. To color or not to color...that is the question.


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