Saturday, July 31, 2010

Maverick and Goose and a Reindeer

Do you remember Maverick and Goose? Of course you do. 1986 was the year of Top Gun.
"I feel the need... the need for speed!"
---Maverick and Goose

I have my own Maverick and Goose  Reindeer.

"That's right I am dangerous."---Maverick

"I think I'll go embarrass myself with Goose."  ---Maverick 

"Great balls of fire!"---Goose

"No. No, Mav, this is not a good idea." ---Goose
 "Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz a tower." ----Maverick

And on occasion they buzz the tower. Without permission. Just like Maverick and Goose.
A little Maverick and a little Reindeer. 

"Gutsiest move I ever saw, Mav." ---Hollywood

Gutsy indeed. 

Here's hoping no one is buzzing your tower without permission on this summer Saturday.


  1. This post right here is why we are friends. That fave.

    So here's hoping that Mav doesn't approach you and say (sniff) "Slider, you stiiiiink" on this fine Saturday.

  2. Too close for missles, I'm switching to guns.

  3. Maverick: Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.
    Air Boss Johnson: That's a negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

    You made me smile today! Thanks for being my friend! Love you!

  4. So i love the movie....unfortunately i don't have a quote for you like all these other impressive ladies:). I love your girls even more!!!! And i love your sense of humor...thanks for the laugh today! Miss you!!!!

  5. Alright...not sure why the above post fell under my husband...who i'm sure would say he loved your girls also, but was not the one to type this:) I'm sure he misses you also, but not near as much as i do!!!!:)

  6. VB scene. Take my breath away from that Danger Zone


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