Friday, July 9, 2010

With Sprinkles On Top

Last week I picked up some Breyers Extra Creamy Vanilla ice cream. I don't buy ice cream because then I  eat ice cream. I planned to put it on top of this for the 4th of July----a special occasion, I told myself.
This is Pioneer Woman's Flat Apple Pie. I searched for a link and she doesn't have it on the website. I think it must be the only recipe I've ever NOT found on there. I love that girl so much I don't care. It's in her cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Bruce says he knows it's going to be a good day when he sees it setting out on the kitchen counter.

Back to the ice cream. A few days after we served up our bowls and added a few sprinkles.
And a few more.  Ella really likes a little ice cream with her sprinkles.
And the sprinkles like a little Ella.
And a little Talia.
We had them on our foreheads, and on our eyes.
They were all over the kitchen table and the floor.
Needless to say we are out of sprinkles, but we still have ice cream. Surely a trip to the store is in order for more sprinkles, but then we might have more sprinkles than ice cream. And if you have more sprinkles than ice cream what will you do with all those extra sprinkles? Put them away? No, you buy more ice cream.

Go buy yourself some sprinkles. It's going to be a great weekend.


  1. And if you eat more sprinkles with ice cream then you will have to take a bath and after you take a bath you will be hungry again so you'll have to eat more sprinkles with ice cream...

    Your post reminds me of If you give a Mouse a Cookie. We love those bookes and we often make up our own version.

  2. This makes me hungry for cupcakes with sprinkles!

  3. so when that pie is sitting on your counter, can i be sitting on your couch!?!?! Now that would be such a good day....time with a close friend and pie. What more do you need!?!?!

  4. p.s. the pics of the girls just make me want to kiss them all over!!!!!!!

  5. I second what Sara said! I was gonna post " and if you give a mouse some sprinkles, she's going to want ice cream to go with them." But I am not going to post that now...I might be called a copy catter dirty ratter. Amy Sterk


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