Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Gift Idea For Kids

Awhile back I read in a magazine that if you think kids have too much stuff, you should try to create an experience for them rather than give them toys for their birthday. I know the last thing my kids need is more stuff. This is the type of thought I appreciate as a parent, so I thought that other

In the past year, nearly all of Ella's friends have received this as their birthday gift: a family movie night gift package.

Think back to when you were a kid. Wouldn't you have loved to get a couple of different kinds of candy, popcorn and soda pop (caffeine free is an appreciated idea) as a gift? I would've been totally excited about any ONE item. Heck, I'd be excited if someone gave this to me now. (I have given this gift in appreciation of Sunday School teachers at Christmastime too. They LOVE it.)

Add one (or two if you're really generous!) movie rentals to the bowl of goodies. Remember how grown up you felt when you got to choose the movie?
 Ella and Talia signed their names to this one for Anna.
This gift will not cost you a fortune. I usually spend $10-12 on birthday gifts. This was definitely in my budget. I think I did this for about $10 total. And I wrapped this in a white trash bag. I did. The kids don't care. They just want to open something.

Here's Ella and Anna at her party. Happy Birthday birthday month, Anna!
Everyone needs a friend like Anna. She's an includer, an encourager, and a hugger. Who doesn't need more of those things in their life? 

We've almost come full circle in the birthday party rotations, so it's time to think of something new. What's your favorite gift to give kids on their birthday? I'm listening.


  1. hi kim! i too am so sick of more and more toys. enough! so i usually give pjs and a new toothbrush and toothpaste or a book (a real book--not a kid book, on animals or insects or butterflies) with a journal and special pen. right now, these are my go-to gifts. every once in a while, i'll get a wild hair, oh i'm a rebel!, and give a gift certificate for the movies with a box of candy. i'll check back to see more ideas!

  2. Thanks for the affirmation of Anna - we try to model always being inclusive to everyone, even though she's getting to the age where kids try to exclude others!

    When I shop for birthday/Christmas presents for the kids, I look for cheap/clearance/on sale and get lots of stuff at garage sales and the EtCetera shop; this usually means they aren't getting stuff that is the top of their 'I LOVE IT AND I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT' list. That way the kids get lots, and it costs us little.

    This year, however, this plan back-fired for Anna's birthday. She whipped through the presents asking what's next before she even had the paper all the way off the one that she was opening. So I love your suggestion of creating an experience and not just a pile of ripped paper and an ungrateful kid wanting more. I have noone to blame but myself as I had the misguided idea that more presents and a bigger pile was important.

    My challenge now is to put a lot more thought and effort into gift giving. I love doing it and I want the recipient to love it too. Gone are the days of randomly snatching up stuff because it is cheap... Except for stocking stuffers...

  3. Kim...this is one of my favorite things to do for gifts! I also love to do seasonal "baskets" like for spring birthdays I like to do a bucket with things like seed packets, ice cream toppings, those whirly things that blow in the wind, etc. Another fun one is a craft basket with stickers, fun paper, sparklies, etc.

  4. I love this idea. Gift baskets are one of my favorite things to give, but they can get really expensive. This one is fun because it doesn't break the budget. I also appreciate the thought of giving an experience. I know my kids would rather have that (most of the time) than more toys. Lego is still a pretty good go-to gift for our oldest though!

  5. I like to give PJ's and fun socks.

    I also love to give swimsuits and a beach towel!

  6. Kim, I'd also love to receive this gift at age 27. I can just imagine the delight it is to kids.

  7. I've done the movie bucket gift for college kids and teachers but never thought about doing it for kids! Love it! My SIL - Jodi- sent Ian a BOXOFFUN in the mail for one b-day. It was all stuff that we'd use up that day but created SO much fun!! It was all the stuff I don't want to buy for them but that they had fun with for hours -- several silly string containers, whoopie cushions (endless laughter there until it pops), grow your own dinosaurs, candy etc. You could call it junk but in a BOXOFFUN it was a HUGE HIT!!!

  8. I love to give books as gifts! And I will occasionally get some bubbles or a small toy or some candy to throw in with it. I love to do gift baskets at Christmas. One of the best gifts my mom said she ever received was from my aunt who made her a basket full of stuff to make pancakes! And I love to do girly baskets, with little hand lotions, nail polish, etc. The possiblities are endless! :)

  9. i just found your blog thru meg's craft weekend blog. your blog is too cool! i love this gift idea...i've given movie night gifts to couples, but would never think to give it to kids. i love the idea of giving an experience rather than STUFF!


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