Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's Going On

1. I miss blogging.
2. My laptop bluescreened last weekend and I have not been the same since.
3. The laptop Doctor told me he would get back to me on Monday, it's Tuesday.
4. That's not a good sign, is it?
5. I watched The Way We Were over the weekend.
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6. Hubbell broke my heart. I still don't understand why he and Katie couldn't have worked it out? Could someone explain this to me?
7. I sat on my couch and sobbed when the movie was over.
8. Then, I texted the entire storyline to Bruce, who was in Texas.
9. And then I cried some more because Bruce was in Texas. He comes home today. :)
10. I really miss him, my laptop, and Hubbell.


  1. my laptop bluescreened a year ago, too. i wont tell you the outcome. (of course, i didnt take it to the dr either) hope you get good news soon!

    YAY texas. :)

  2. i never saw that movie.
    i could never take babs seriously....too much SNL influence.

  3. Being 'bluescreened' is the worst ... sorry. I've never seen 'The Way We Were' in it's entirety & I probably never will. I love a good romance but the title always sounded sad to me (so what good could come of it, sniff, sniff) ... I feel certain you'll feel better when the hubby comes home :)

  4. i miss blogging, too! no internet yet at the new place - i'm currently in our closet, stealing my neighbors. not joking. i'm IN a closet. also, never seen that movie. i'm with meg. babs is kind of ruined for me.


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