Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

Easter fun in our little town starts on Saturday morning at the Easter Egg Hunt. 
Do you think Ella enjoyed herself? Look at that face.

We forget that every year we get to see people that we love a lot but don't get to see that often. I got to hug Nic. Why didn't I take a picture of the two of us together? 
I did get a picture of Bruce and Jeremy. (Nic's brother and a good friend of ours.) 
Before we left the house we agreed that we would stay 20 minutes and pack it up. We were the second to the last family to leave. :)

On Sunday morning we got dressed and headed out to church. 
Here's our official 2011 Easter pic.
In true tradition, I set the camera accidentally to cut off my tall husband's head.
I guess when you're tall you get used to that.
Here's the unofficial pic.
Cool. I didn't know my eyes could roll like that.
We hosted a dinner that included both family and friends.

Talia spent a little quality time with Uncle Travis and Great Grandma.
I spent a little quality time with Aunt Verla's Chocolate Pecan Pie. Oh. My. Word.
Bruce's family has taught me the art of an extended dinner. I used to wonder why we couldn't move into the living room to continue our conversation instead of spending four hours sitting at the table. (Which is what we did yesterday.) After ten years of marriage, I've realized that we all enjoy being together so much (and it happens so rarely that we can be together) that I think that no one wants to disconnect even for a moment for the sake of a preserving their "seat". Maybe this is why they all have cushioned chairs in their dining rooms? I think I need to look into that. Obviously, I still have a lot to learn.
Bruce and Aunt Verla.
Talia found a comfortable place on the living room floor for an impromptu nap. 
I had just told her an hour before that she didn't have to take a nap if she didn't want to. Reverse psychology really works. 
I'll have to remember that trick next year. 


  1. What a wonderful Easter! Such happiness on your girls' faces! I am in love with your tablecloth! Did you make it? Darling family pictures, too. I did not take one this year! Shame on me... Lori

  2. Cute tablecloth - such fun spring colors.

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! Love the family photos!

  4. I talked to Ella a little at the Easter Egg Hunt. She was sitting under the jungle gym watching Owen play.

  5. Great pics. It was so fun to see you guys! The pic of Ella on the hunt is priceless. My boys all have "intense" faces when they hunt. HA! Your fiesta ware on the shelves is stunning! Glad you your Easter weekend went great!

  6. Love that tablecloth. Your fiestaware looks AWESOME there! And a pic of Grandma Jost made me smile! She looks great!
    Oh, and I love kids in matching Easter outfits. I'm all about it!

  7. oh that face! pure joy. and we spend 8 zillion hours at the table, too.

  8. Really enjoyed those pictures! We always do a silly picture after the nice pic. And we always do deviled eggs! Love, janice

  9. Loved the pics & it sure looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Loved the one of 'Sleeping Beauty' too!


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