Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Friday in Pictures...Mostly.

Note: The tattoo is a product of what happens when Mom promises a tattoo from a local grocery store for staying in her bed all night long on a night when the Daddy is out of town. Arriving at the grocery store a few days ago,  to my horror we discover that the Disney tattoos have been replaced by dragons or various versions of crosses. 

Who knew there were scary versions of crosses? 
We decided that crosses were okay since it was Holy Week.

I made PW's Hot Cross Buns today. I know I have never thought about them for Good Friday before, but I doubt that we will ever be without some sort of version of this in the years to come. There's something about being reminded about the gift that was given to us by way of the cross every time you eat one...and that happened more than a few times by both family and friends.

PW uses a plain powdered sugar frosting. 
I made a cream cheese frosting after deciding I didn't like the taste of her powdered sugared frosting with an egg white.  And since I'm of the mindset that everything tastes better with cream cheese, you can imagine that I thought tasted near perfection then. :)


  1. your pictures are so good!!!
    i promised annie we'd dye eggs tomorrow.
    she said "soooo as soon as i get up? we'll do it at 9 AM?"
    but maybe we need to go find some tattoos.

  2. I love the pic of your girls hugging, it's so sweet:)

  3. this is awful. and doesn't do your sweet post any justice at all...but all i keep thinking is i bet after doing the jillian workout for a few weeks, i bet you have some hot cross buns of your own!

    i know.
    i'm such a sixth grade boy.
    but those buns look hot!
    i'm so awful!

    hope you have a great easter with the fam!


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