Friday, April 1, 2011

Ripped in 30 [Day 1]

Today my friends is the day we begin to get Ripped in 30.
Amazon $9.99---the price went down!

I am not a wake up and let's exercise before anything else kind of girl.
I take my time. I drink coffee. I feed my kids.
Like many of you I'm trying to figure out when I'm going to fit this in.
Today I am working all day, and tomorrow the weekend is full.
You get the idea.
But I am doing it. And many of you are, too.
We can do this.
We won't quit.
But first I need a little coffee, and then I'll check in a little later.

In the meantime, what time of day do you like to exercise?
1:45 pm
Day one complete.
My legs are quivering.
I had a cramp in my tricep.
But I survived.

Did I really hear Jillian say, "You smell that? That's fat burning."
Now, back to work.


  1. I am the last copy from Target yesterday....and it was on sale! I would love to workout in the morning, but a little difficult getting 3 kids up and ready and to work by 7:30. So, I will be working out in the evening when the kids go to bed.

  2. First thing in the morning, but you already knew that. I like to be done and dressed before the girls are up and going. It doesn't always happen, but it's always my goal.

  3. The only time I have to do this is after the kids are in bed. I usually start right at nine, and am showered and in bed a little after ten. I started this three days ago, and it's killer!! You will barely be able to move the first couple of days, and I almost quit yesterday because it hurt so bad, but I woke up this morning and felt much better. Just push through, and fingers crossed that it will be worth it. Good luck!!

  4. I don't let's see, I will probably be just as inconsistent with this as most things. If I get it done once a day I will consider this success. Now, I should probably get started!

  5. You are so brave! I have heard this Jillian is scarier than the 30 day shred Jillian. If only I didn't have a neighbor below me who was home all the time I'd be more game for these kinds of challenges. :) Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  6. I usually do my exercise after I have fed Shane and gotten him to school. Then it is 40-45 minutes of exercise. I generally take weekends off unless I missed a day or two during the week that I have to make up for. Once you have found a spot in your schedule that works, it just becomes your daily routine. Best wishes on Getting Ripped, haven't done that one yet but I am sure it is challenging!
    Erika Pritchett

  7. I used to exercise in the morning but now I homeschool so there goes that idea!
    I am doing 30 day shred for the month of april, funny we all have the same idea!!!
    good LUCK!

  8. OK, you and Meg have inspired me here in blogland. I just ordered it -- will be here tomorrow. We'll see how this one goes. . .last time I ordered one of her videos it didn't make it out of the shrink wrap before it was thrown out by accident (of course that was months later). NOT THIS TIME!!! April - what a great time to do it. Thanks. And your morning date earlier this week looked absolutely amazing. You are a lucky lady for sure :)

  9. i do it first thing in the morning & my abs are starting to look like hers, do it!! you will love the results!!

  10. don't phone it in.

    i think she said it three if not four times in that 27 minutes.
    her voice is going to make me insane.


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