Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild Geese That Fly With The Moon On Their Wings...

I talked to the laptop Doctor and she's dead.
She didn't even say goodbye.
Nothing can be retrieved.
Thankfully I backed up to Carbonite last week. LAST WEEK!
God is good...ALL THEE TIME...God is good!

Danielle tagged me wanting to know some of my favorite without a laptop or any current picture (I did some crafting yesterday that I wish I could show you) I will "simply remember my favorite things, and then I won't bad".

My Favorite Things~

Food~Veggie Pizza, Pasta a la Betsy, Pam's Cheesecake
Color~ White or Cream...if you don't count that as a color, then pink.  
Animal~ I would love to own a dog. My dogs (yes, two are already not so secretly named Lovee and Thurston) I have been trying to convince Bruce that it would be good for the girls. At the zoo it's the Gorillas. I always leave with that cheer from high school in my head, "go gorilla, go, go gorilla".   
Artist~ My kids. I love anything they paint.
Pair of shoes~ the red ones.  
Outfit~A white tshirt with chinos and hoop earrings. In the summer, it's a day dress.

Skinny jeans~ Yes! I am currently contemplating these. Waiting for them to go on sale.
Brand~ If I could afford it, J. Crew. I also LOVE the Loft. 
Perfume~  Chanel Mademoiselle. I've been recently thinking I need something lighter for summer. Any suggestions?
Accessory~ Earrings or lipstick. 
Hobbies~ Cooking, eating, crafting. Who am I? 
Beauty Products~ I love MAC makeup. And I can't believe I'm going to confess this, but I started using a nighttime eye gel last week. I can already tell a difference.
Holiday~  I would take a "Holiday" with Bruce anywhere at anytime...except maybe to Wyoming. Inside family joke for my parents. I love people from Wyoming, I really do.
Snack~ Cheetos...the crunchy ones not the puffs. 
Movie~ Somethings Gotta Give, You've Got Mail, and I hope (fingers crossed!) Water for Elephants. Come on Reese don't let me down, the book was soooo good!
Song~  Right now it's "Are you Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" Bruce laughs when I say it's our story in a song, so I love hearing it on country radio.
Guilty Pleasure- Baths with earplugs inserted so tightly into my ears not allowing me to hear what's going on in the rest of the house.

Okay, let's here it from you. I want to hear some of these (or all) back from you! Let me get to know your favorite things better!


  1. sorry to hear about your laptop! you are so fortunate to have backed it up so recently. mine died shortly after my little Alex was born and I hadn't backed up for a while. luckily i had actually developed the first 3 months of his pics to use for scrapbooking! between those and ones from relatives and online, I actually got quite a nice collection of my failure to back up my computer! now i have a Mac! and it's one of my favorite things:) and I back it up regularly! thanks for the smiles you bring when i read your blog!

  2. My favorite and gold....jeans...studying the Word with Beth Moore....anytime I can spend with the grand babies, and their parents....riding my bike...
    walking the forest with my love....traveling anywhere with my hubby of 38 years, even a trip to Wyoming would be a joy!

  3. oh that pasta is SO good! We love it. SO not healthy!

  4. Hmmm...a few of my favorite things include a certain 5-and-3/4-year-old boy, chocolate (hence the new membership in Weight Watchers Online), fabric, time to sew (it is so amazing--and somewhat infrequent--when things turn out the way I imagined them), reading (especially fluffy romance novels--don't tell!), and C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm from Bath and Body Works. Oh--and your cute haircut! Love it.

  5. I can't wait for Water for Elephants too! Love, love, LOVED the book as well! You are so funny and a much needed pick-me-up each time I read one of your posts!!!

  6. so sorry for your computer.
    let's have a moment of silence to observe it's wonderful life.

    ahhh. i feel better now.
    thank goodness for backups!!
    now, let's see these crafty projects!

  7. Thanks for playing along and you can have my dog if you want;)

  8. Knee-deep in Water for Elephants....I'm hoping the movie is as good. I'm in LOVE with the book!

  9. LOVE mac. i suggest vera wang for a light perfume. i love vera, too. RIP computer. so sad. woo hoo!!! on the back-up, though!

  10. love it! i wanna play! :)

    i'm gonna do this later this week. i'm just now checking blogs- i've been in the bush all weekend (and yes i'm gonna say that as much as i can this week- hehe).


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