Monday, April 11, 2011

Did Somebody say iPad 2?

The number of children with Down syndrome that are waiting to be adopted on Reece's Rainbow
list breaks my heart every time I visit the site.
I cry big tears over those little ones that have been cast aside.
Every. Single. Time.

And every time I hear about a couple that wants to adopt one of these children, I rejoice!
Every. Single. Time.
But it's expensive, and it takes time to raise the funds.
And many of the kids on the list don't have a lot of time.
Our beautiful Lady Ella.
Right now there's a fundraiser going on at Danielle's Blog.
Would you consider making a donation to Danielle's family to help bring little Sergey home?

Oh yeah, and there has been a slew of things donated for the an iPad 2! 
For every $10 you give, you have a chance of winning.

Ella, Talia, Bruce and I are dreaming big dreams with Danielle and her family.
Click here to read their story and give.


  1. i have been on reece's rainbow for far too long now, also crying my eyes out. i immediately went to make a donation after reading danielle's blog. hugs to you kimberlee. thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for helping us be more aware! Love that picture of Ella! Looks like she has expensive highlights in her hair. Janice


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