Friday, April 29, 2011

As Royal As We Get

After spending time with the only royal I personally know, King Jesus, my girls came running out their rooms for the day. I flipped on the tv to see the dress. Click here to see it from every angle. Loved this.

We were 10 minutes away from the kiss, so we waited.

We had a royal breakfast.
Two little girls had a royal fight.
And I could feel a royal headache coming on.

The couple had their royal kiss.
These girls were royally grossed out.
Talia said, "You kissed Daddy like that on your wedding day?" 
(She's really into questions about our wedding now.)
I confirmed that we had.

Which got me to thinking...why didn't I break out my own wedding dress this morning before the girls left? It's not like me to not look for a reason to put that thing on as many times as I can?!

Bruce comes homes from Texas later today (again!).
Maybe I should greet him at the back door wearing it.
No, he'd expect that from me by now.
But he wouldn't expect one of the girls to be wearing it.
I have it in me to have some royal fun yet today.
In case you couldn't hear it, those last two sentences were said in my best British accent. :)

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  1. Thanks for reminding me that I am royalty as well ... I love King Jesus (He's my closest friend!). The royal wedding was lovely ... I love a good love story! I can't wait to see who met Bruce in your wedding dress ... you're so funny ... I'm very impressed that you can fit in your wedding dress (not many can say that!) Enjoy your weekend!


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