Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hobby Lobby Winner

And the winner of the Hobby Lobby $25 gift card is....
someone that I've gotten to know in the blogosphere...
someone that I've never met...
but someone that I would love to have coffee with.
and craft with...

Katy {and Kahler} said...

I appreciate my mama for keeping me sane from the other side of the world. She's a constant source of encouragement when I think I've had all the Africa I can handle.
And when I'm back in the States **in LESS THAN SIX WEEKS**, I would looooove to spend this gift card!! :)

Congratulations, Katy!
Email me as to what address you want to have your gift card sent to. 
It was a breath of fresh air to read all the lovely things that you were saying about others in your comments. It's evident that many of you appreciate your husbands, can't live without your girlfriends, and are thankful for your own parents and your children. I appreciate those people in my life, too. I am encouraged to work on how to tell them this week.
Today I have a special plan for someone no one mentioned in their mailman. We'll see how my plan comes together, and I'll let you know.


  1. congratulations to katy, but I already had it spent in my head.....

  2. What an exciting thing to look forward to spending upon returning home! Congrats!

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