Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoop Art Wall {it's a start}

I have fallen in love with Hoop Art.
If you would have told me this a year ago, I would have asked you what hoop art was.
I learned about it at the craft weekend I went to in January.
Here's my latest attempt.
It's so nice that I decided to take this picture before I turned on an iron. Brill...
Let's look a little closer.
I fell in love with this fabric at JoAnn Fabrics.
I wish I could say that I embroidered these flowers. I didn't, but I'm sure someone could. No one will know that I didn't.
Except that I just told everyone I know...oh well.
I bought three yards of this fabric for 30 cents at a thrift store. Love.
I used the same fabric to roll these flowers. I'm still learning how to do that well.
It takes some practice.
It also takes some practice to learn how not to burn yourself with a glue gun.
Those things are hot!
I used this tutorial to learn how to roll them. (I liked her pictures even though I didn't make the baby headband.)

I like the texture of the strings sticking out of the flowers to add interest, so I didn't cut them off.
The brown muslin (2 yards!) was purchased at the same thrift store for 25 cents.
I have this doily and a few more from when I lived in Paraguay.
It means a lot to me.
It is a lovely remembrance from a very broken time in my life.
The wall art is in our living room, close to the kitchen.
The living room is still getting some the final touches: electrical covers, curtains, slipcovers and such are still to come.
This wall is long and this is just a small section.
I keep thinking I could add some more hoops.
So, you tell me:
Is it finished?
Should I add some more? If so, what color should I bring in?
Should I take it all down and start over?
I have a small cabinet that I'm going to place here instead of the turquoise chair. Although, I could be persuaded to leave the chair.
You know I've said before that decorating is not my thing.
I'm so glad I have all of you.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


  1. i always say, the more the merrier :)
    love the color scheme. you could add yellows to it and reds, but i like it just the way it is too.
    i want to see the cabinet...i really like (want) the chair. love me some thrift stores!!!!!

  2. Way to go craft girl-you did well! I think I'd like to see it with the cabinet before deciding if it needs more.

  3. woowoo- look at you, all crafty! :) i vote for more. and i dont know what the cabinet will look like there (good, im sure), but i'm diggin the chair! :) can't wait to see what you decide on!

  4. ohhh i love it! what about painting or finding a big "J" that would loop around the rosette one. top of the J would start between the "x" and the "y" and come underneath the rosette. so that the rosette hoop would fit inside the curve of the "J." does that make any sense?? haha sorry. i've totally thought about doing that myself once we get settled in here. not sure what color i would go with. maybe a deep red?

  5. you may also have to lower the bottom two to make room for the J. dark blue would be pretty, too. you are REALLY making me want to get my glue gun out. too bad it's packed away in one of 8 gazillion boxes.

  6. I like it just the way it is. But I'm a minimulist (sp)

  7. My two cents:
    Add the cabient for balance.
    Hang other things with the hoop art for interest...I like odd numbers.
    You could put a tall skinny lamp on that cabinet to add height and draw your eye to the wall hangings.
    And surely Sparks has you covered this weekend?! So excited!!

  8. Love your hoop art!! I agree with Megan about odd numbers.

  9. So pretty Kimberlee! I've never made hoop art but always wanted to try. Is it pretty easy? I think I'll go google it, good night friend:)


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