Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunburns and Springtime.

Yesterday was a glorious day in Kansas.
Thee best this Spring has offered us to date.
There was hardly a wind...and that doesn't happen very often.  
The sun shown and 78 degrees was never more beautifully received as it was at our house.
A neighbor and I sat in our driveway for three hours while the kids played.
She's gloriously tan today, and I'm the shade of watered down red Koolaid.
Well, at least on the left side.
This is my left arm.
I thought clarification might be in order
since some of you probably have legs this size.
The lilacs are blooming.
It put me in the mood to plant some more things, so off I went to purchase some more plants from my friend Jana at Serenity Gardens, as I do every Spring.
I'm adding peonies, more lavender (can one ever have too much?), and more dianthus today.
I'll make no less than five more stops out there this Spring. I have tons of questions when I'm planting.
I hear that my new peonies won't bloom this year. I have to wait???!!!
Good to know. I would've just thought I killed them.
This farm girl can kill about anything. Good thing I left the farm.
I am adding rhubarb. I have tried to start rhubarb roots before, and they have always died.
Well, look what I won from Jana last week---rhubarb half as big as Talia! (Hey, locals they are only $9!)    Thank you, thank you, thank you, JANA!
I'm already dreaming of this Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with streusel topping.
Jana says I have to wait a year to harvest it.
First the peonies and now the rhubarb!
And I thought my sunburn the shade of watered down KoolAid stung!

What are you planting this Spring? Anything new?


  1. Thanks for the plug, Kimberlee! It is true that sometimes peonies don't bloom the first year, but the ones you just bought bloomed for me last year. Plant them at the same level they are in the pot and I see no reason why they won't bloom for you this year as well!

  2. lilacs are gorg.
    i love lavender too.
    can't get enough actually.
    rhubarb? really?
    hope you get the other arm sunned so you have a matching set!

  3. kimberlee, you crack me up!!!

  4. I am looking forward to planting a shade garden on the north side of our house. Everything else I plant has to take a lot of sun and wind, so it will be fun to plant new things like hostas and whatever other shade stuff Jana tells me about!

  5. I remember several sunburns in your youth as well. One particularly bad one that involved blisters on your face and my mom's fear that your mom would never let you spend time with us again. :) Ouch!

  6. As soon as it dries up here in WV, I plan to plant zucchini, squash, tomatoes & also try my hand at a few herbs. I'm excited about trying Cilantro (I love it! I'd wear Cilantro perfume if it existed! ;) As for flowers, I always sow Zinna seeds and plant impatients ... I've tried lavendar but it NEVER comes back ... I've had a lilac bush for several years and it's never done well (I guess I need to transplant it) ... ok, I'm done rambling (Spring makes me so happy!)

  7. Love the vase you have - don't those have a special name? Mint julip or something?
    What do you do with rhubarb besides sugar it up and have pie? I keep thinking I'd like some, but then I figure I have enough unhealthy habits....


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