Monday, March 21, 2011

Ripped in 30 {Edited}

I purchased this at Target over the weekend.
Amazon, $11.99
Because I am a big fan of The 30 Day Shred.
Because butter and I have gotten a little too friendly with each other.
Because our pool opens in 69 days.
Because Talia told me I felt "squishy" last week. 
I used to call my Mom "squishy Mama". What goes around comes around. So sorry, Mom.
Because I tried on swimsuits over the weekend.

My official start date is April 1st. I am planning to give it a run through today but will really commit to it daily, starting in April. Which is perfect, since there are 30 days in April.

Anyone want to join me? Leave me a "Because" list in the comments if you're ready to get ripped!
9:40 am
Just finished my first are a few notes that I emailed to a couple of friends. Since we're all friends, I'd let you in on my thoughts, too.

1. I sweat...a lot. I'm not terribly surprised by this since I have been a slacker exerciser all winter.
2. I didn't find it as hard as I did the first time I did the Shred. That's good. I think. 

I'm not starting from square one then.
3. I think if anything hurts tomorrow it's going to be my triceps. I've got nothin' there and I think I may have been on the verge of them cramping.
4. Jillian only used the word "bad---" once. Another good thing.
5. I'm excited!
6. I am stinky.

Are you in, yet?


  1. I am in!
    ...because I'm already two days into it!
    ...because sometimes when your food intake gets really restricted in one area, you make it up to yourself in another.
    ...because in less than a month I'm closer to 40 than I am to 30.
    ...because I really want Jillian to be my own personal trainer. .
    ...because ripped sounds so dang tough.

  2. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to start on the 30 Day Shred again. Why, oh why, can there not just be a skinny pill that you swallow? Oh, how I would love that!

  3. ...because I can't fit into my pants.

    Do I need any more becauses?? I think not.
    Could you just come do this with me everyday?? Hold me accountable? Threaten me or something??

    By the way, I thought you looked amazing at church yesterday...if only I could fit into pants that size...*sigh*

  4. I'm in... (said with fear and trepidation. What is it about Jillan that makes my competitive spirit want to run and hide?)...because I am mushy and summer clothes are much less forgiving than winter ones.

  5. I am in....because I had a baby 7 months ago....enough said!

  6. I'm pasted the "ripped" years! But I joined an exercize class two weeks ago!! Janice

  7. I'm in ... because I'll be 50 in August ... enough said :/

  8. i am in.
    i can't have everyone getting skinny without me.

    i will start april 1 too.
    because april is MEGAN month.
    ha ha ha.

  9. I'm in:)) Just bought it.
    BECAUSE....I have ALOT of "Jetta LUV" on my thighs & butt
    I have became dangerously OBSESSED with chocolate dunkers at pizza hut:))
    Jillian & I dont get along....going to need some accountability....yay:))?
    Amanda Ratzlaff


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