Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wall Gone

1. We did not take down the wall.
2. Our friend Justin, from church, did.
3. Justin is awesome.
4. Justin is married to Gail who is also very awesome.
5. Bruce and I eat cookie bars, we don't take down walls.
6. We know how to take down popcorn ceilings.
7. That's what we are doing today.
8. That's what we are doing tomorrow.
9. That's more than likely what we will be doing the day after that.
10. We are also watching the NCAA basketball tournament on our very old TV while we scrape and paint. 
11. I think my bracket is a mess.
12. So is our house.
13. Someday it will be better.
14. But not today.
15. And probably not tomorrow.
16. And probably not the day after that.
17. No one noticed that I didn't wear green today.
18. Molly will notice that I forgot to wear a mask.
19. Carisa noticed that my hair was darker when she brought us some yummy Sonic Happy Hour drinks.
20. Carisa is awesome.
21. And so is my husband for taking vacation days to do this for me during Grandma camp.
22. That may had something to do with getting to watch basketball all day, but I'm not completely sure.
23. Right now I am so very tired.
24. Happy, but tired.
25. And hungry. :)


  1. When Braden and I scraped our ceilings in California, we actually brought the hose in through a window and sprayed the ceilings with a fine mist. Then it was really easy to scrape, albeit very humid in the rooms! I feel your pain with popcorn ceilings.

  2. I have also participated in some nasty home spiffy-it-up-like-mom-wants projects. Everything always sounds easire than it really is. I know you will love it when it's done. I read your blog all the time. I also have two little girls....mine are 22 and 25 YEARS old but they are still my little girls and now also my best friends....I thought about them being little and both having the chicken pox at the same time when I saw the pics of your sick, sweet, beautiful little girls earlier this week. Thank GOD they got to feeling better and could go to Grandma camp. God bless Grandmas! I have a little grandson who is 16 months and calls me MaMa. I hope he always wants to come to Grandma Camp! I also love your 10 gallon Red Wing crock near your fireplace....I love crocks and have them all over my every room for everything from make-up, pens, kitchen utensils, remotes, kitchen scrubbies, even a garbage can in my office...being from Minnesota I especially like the Red Wing ones! (I have lived in North Dakota for 29 years though) Anyway I wanted to say hi and I look forward to the "after" pictures of your remodel! Sleep well!

  3. We know home improvement projects and I feel your pain! Don't worry. When you're done and the mess is all cleaned up it will totally be worth it.

  4. I must be the only one in the whole wide world that likes popcorn ceilings. When I lived in the High Street house we didn't have them and it was really noisy. And, they always looked dirty.

    Love the picture of you scraping. Righties intensely concentrating when using their left hand always make this Lefty chuckle. We Lefties have to make the switch all the time.

    I do NOT envy your project. We're getting new siding on our house this week. I'm so glad the project is being done by professionals and isn't a do-it-yourself job. It would've been a NIGHTMARE! It's a treat, because we rarely outsource projects.

  5. your hair was the first thing i noticed!
    looks it can when wearing a pink shirt scraping a ceiling.
    i hope you took my advice in the heat of it.
    that is the benefit of working yourself.
    can't wait to see it in person!

  6. Yuck! Scraping off cottage cheese ceilings! Can't wait to see the end reveal! Janice

  7. Oh I feel for ya - we scraped popcorn ceilings in out house in OK. - Fun. Always more fun when it's a project you can do together though! Get some rest; you'll need a massage when your done. We did the "misting" the ceiling thing too that one of the other girls mentioned in her comment - not with a hose; we just used a water bottle.

  8. With the big projects, it has to get worse before it can get better, right??
    Looks amazing. Can't wait to see the after pics!

  9. Love that white built-in you have! I think the next time I'm in Hillsboro I need to invite myself for a tour....


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