Monday, March 7, 2011

Right Now...

My blog friend Katy likes to write about what she's doing "Right Now". I especially like reading those posts because Katy lives in Zambia and her "Right Now" is often very interesting. Mine is more than likely going to bore you to pieces, but here goes.

Right now I'm....

listening: Ella is reading Biscuit Goes to School to Bruce.

eating: a concoction of Peanut Noodles that Bruce just made

drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper with a slice of lemon

wearing: a pink t-shirt and black yoga pants.

doing: avoiding the dishwasher

feeling:  nostalgic

missing: whatever's on HGTV right now.

thankful: I finished reading the book of Leviticus last week 
and have a new appreciation for the blood of Jesus.

weather: cold and rainy

praying: about new opportunities at home and with friends

needing: a band-aid. I burned myself a week ago on a cookie sheet and I am not healing. 
I may or may not be breeding a staph infection.

thinking: I need to start buying face cream with retinol in it asap.

dreaming: Spring Break Grandma Camp is coming soon

loving: this picture of my girls

I'm off to take a bath, read, and relax. 
Right now.


  1. Seriously....LOVE that picture of Ella and Talia...too cute!

  2. woweee- love it! and i'm quite certain we would make good "real life friends" also.

    what a sweet picture of the girls and a fun glimpse into your life.

    thinking i might create/host a link party next time i do this... would you be in? (ha, i can't go hosting something that nobody links up to! hehe)

  3. sweet picture!
    hope your bath was lovely.
    i took one last night too....watched grey's.

    very jealous of grandma camp.
    why did i have so many children??
    i made grandma camp impossible!!!

  4. love the picture of your precious!


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