Friday, March 4, 2011

Worms for Lunch

I just got home from having lunch with Ella at school.
She loves it when I come and eat with her.
And I love to sneak a peak into her first grade world.
Child 1: You picked a good day to come and eat. This is good.
Child 2: It's good.
Child 1: Really good.
Child 2:"Are you Ella's mom?"
Child 1:"Do you know you're eating worms?"
I love it. I am completely entertained by this conversation.
I said, "These are better than the worms I ate last week, and I do love a good worm."
Child 1: "What is that in the worms?"
Child 2:"Turtles?"
Child 1: "No, worm poop."
All laughing uncontrollably.
Take it.
The cafeteria monitor comes over and shushes them.
Ella and I dig into our worms and try to act like we had no part of it.
That's my girl, keep eating.
We share my bread.
And I coax her into a little salad.
We toasted our chocolate milks (we sure did) and giggled about the pony tail we put in this morning to try and hide the fact that we all went to bed with wet heads last night.
Then, all at once, it was time to scrape our plates.
She headed out to recess, and I left having bonded with my oldest and some of her classmates.
First grade rocks.
Worm poop and all.


  1. This just made my morning!! Ella is always in my prayers! Love, Janice

  2. Ella, I love the tail!
    Worms for lunch.....yummo!

  3. I taught first graders for 6 years and all too often I found their level of humor to be right up my alley! This totally cracked me up!

  4. love it! miss ella's ponytail is precious. i think we'd make good friends... i just want to eat. her. up. :)

  5. Wow..that is quite a conversation. what cuties-

    sandy toe


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