Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Thursday.

I spent the day with my friend, Megan, who has something big coming up that she needed a little bit of help with.

We decided to go antiquing first and look what she found!
We both loved the case and when she looked inside and discovered the skates, which happened to be her size, we knew they were MFEO. She could totally rock Happy Hour at Sonic in those things.

Back to the something big...I got to be a photographer today.
Megan needed someone to take pictures of her for the Summer issue of Matthew Mead's magazine.
I used this bad boy, and it is seriously heavy.
Photographers must have great arms.
I felt so professional.
I tried to squelch the "work it, girl" comments. Really, I did, for like five seconds and then I couldn't help myself. Megan is completely photogenic, so it's not like she needed that reminder.
But we'll all have to wait to see those shots until the magazine comes out.
Afterwards, we grabbed lunch and hit a few more shops, including a fabric store.
I learned what a fat quarter square is today. Yes, I'm that green.
I got a great lamp for $4.
And I ate a piece of Creme Brulee Cheescake from heaven, while talking with a friend who now owns a pair of roller skates.
It was a very happy Thursday.


  1. those skates are a hoot! love the green case!
    she better be working those things up and down the block next week! (hear that meg?)

  2. Looks like a GREAT Thursday!

  3. jealous, jealous, jealous.
    i need some girl time.
    hell, i need some cheesecake!!
    both would just be the icing--on said cheesecake!

    feel like taking trip to 'bama this spring??

  4. more cheesecake please.
    right now.


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