Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maureen O'Hara I am Not.

#1 The "Mom, what was with the really big red flower?"
Sort of spur of the moment, I asked Megan if she would take my picture when we were hanging out at her house taking pictures for Mr. Matthew Meade. (Is it okay to name drop on this blog? If it is, I also met George Clooney on my honeymoon, but that's another story.)

I told Megan that I wanted my kids to have a nice picture of their mom. (In other words, not in my usual yoga pants and hoodie.)

I love that scene in the original Parent Trap with Hayley Mills where Sharon and Susan are just about to realize that they are actually sisters and twins. In their isolation tent, Sharon holds up an oval picture frame to reveal their gorgeous mother (Maureen O'Hara). So many times since becoming a mother, I've wished my girls would at least have a picture of their mother...trying to look nice.  While I might not fit into the "gorgeous" category, I undoubtedly fit into the "mother" category, and since Meg was happy to make my wish come true, I have three pictures to choose from.

Which one should I put in those oval frames?
#2 The "Strategic Neck Hide".
#3---"the Maggie". 
In the last year two people have said that I look like a famous Maggie.
Care to guess which one???

Thank you, Megan, for making one of my cinematic dreams come true.
Next up...building myself the beach house from Somethings Gotta Give.
I wish.


  1. LOVE that movie. And totally knew where you were going with that. I know that exact scene. What a lovely idea for your kidlets!

    I vote #1. Although the look on your face in #3 is amazing! Totally mom-ariffic. :)

  2. Oh how I love the original parent trap! I hope I will be welcome at your beach house. Sometimes I close my eyes really tight and pretend I'm there!

  3. Maggie Gyllenhaal? TOTALLY see it in that last pic. that's my fave, btw. and you are gorgeous! hello?? you look like a movie star!! :)

  4. All three are winners! You are such a beauty!

  5. Ok, ive never commented on your blog before but I read it all the time!! For starters, please tell the story of meeting George Clooney!! please! And likewise, I totally see Maggie Gyllenhaal in that last picture!!

  6. I vote for the last one becuase it has personality written all over it and I know how you like a little personality.

  7. Number one is my vote! The flower is good. The flower matches your lipstick, the sweater with your eyes. Gorgeous! Janice

  8. can't go wrong with any of them.
    meg's windows have the best light!
    you look so pretty.
    parent trap is such a good movie.
    (the original of course)
    your something's gotta give house can be right next door to my pretend beach house!
    the girls will have the best time playing in the pretend sand! :)

  9. you are gorgeous kimberlee.
    inside and out.

    i love both parent traps but i know the new one by heart.
    my kids have watched that for years!
    even my boys.
    and i cry every time.....even this week.

    "i just wanted to know what it would be like to have a mother"


    yay for getting pictures of yourself!

  10. I vote #3 and 100% agree with Sara. It has personality written all over it!

  11. love them all but #2 is my fave. not only do you look gorgeous but the wood floors look gorgeous in the background. :)

  12. #2 is my fave - I don't have a specific reason - it just seems perfect in an "I love you no matter what" kind of way. I love your blog!

  13. I vote for #2 (but I have no idea why you feel the need to hide your neck!) although I enjoy #3 as well. I love the beach house in 'Something's Gotta Give' too (what's not to love? ;) I definitely see the resemblence to Maggie G! BTW, I'd love to hear the George Clooney story! ;)

  14. #2 - Maggie G. never thought of it before but now I totally see it.

  15. Kimberlee,
    I like them all and I love both Parent Traps. Dennis Quad is always good.

    You do look beautiful in all 3 pictures. I love #1 it is almost a tad formal, but light hearted because of your flower and smile. In #3, It almost looks like you are about to say,"What are you doing?"

    They will love anyone of the pictures and so will Bruce!

  16. I like #2.
    And you DO look like Maggie G! It's not just how you look but also something with your mannerism. It's hard to articulate but definitely there! And ARE gorgeous!

  17. I vote pose #1!! I think every kid needs a great pic of their mom. You are beautiful! I think my momma has mentioned your big red flower before - stunning!:))

  18. These are beautiful photos -- turquoise and red is one of my favorite color combinations -- and your children are lucky to have such a thoughtful mother. I think #2 is particularly fabulous... but they are all lovely. Thanks for sharing, Anne


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