Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Tuesday

Justin is here working on the ceiling this morning. (yay!)
Talia and I are working on a plan to stay out of his way.
We'll see which one of us is the most successful at that.
Check out my fashionista niece, Maggie, on A Little Knitting today.
Maggie just turned two, and my sister hinted hard that she wanted a brim hat for her girl.
She also hinted hard that she wanted one for herself.
We'll see what we can do about that come September.{Wink}
Just in case you're wondering how I'm feeling after the Ripped in 30 preview workout...
My upper body is sore.
I ache, actually.
And the ache feels good.
It reminds me that I did something.
I'm also reminded that I am not alone.
Glad to have Carisa, Sara, Megan H..Tracy H. and Kimberly with me! (I'll be emailing you, guys like crazy!)
Our official start date is April 1.
You still have time to get your dvd.
I hear Amazon is out. OUT!
I didn't know that could happen.
We haven't been able to find it in stores at Wal-Mart, but Target has it.
So, if you need an excuse to go to Target (people who live in Kansas one hour away from Target sometimes need an excuse), now you have one.
You can thank me later.


  1. Jilian totally scares me. But my little brother's wedding is in June and I need to shred. BAD. Like dress may not fit bad. Let me know if you don't die and maybe I'll try it. Because I think that woman will kill me.

  2. I agree w/ Jessica- Jilian scares me. You can ask Kahler, I cry when people are harsh with me when I work out. (don't ask how HE knows... ha)

    good luck w/ that! i've just started (in the last few months) running and working out again since my back surgery... whew, it's been a rude awakening, but feels so good!


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