Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Changes

When I started my blog last summer, I didn't know what to expect.
I thought I would get to meet some cool people via the internet, and I have.

There are a few people out there whom I have not met, nor want to.

Apparently my blog brings a few of those creepers around with two of the words that run together in the title. Writing which two words might bring them. And they are not welcome here.
I never ever dreamed that they would show up here. I had not strategically thought of this.

So, after much prayer and input from other bloggers,  I am dropping the SRN from the title of my blog.

I have been grieving the change a bit, I'll be honest.
I identified with the title of my blog.
I know some of you did, too.
I have also had to work through being angry about this.
I've decided that it's okay for me to be angry.
So, I'm taking that Mama Bear anger, changing the name the name of my blog, and drawing the cubs close.
Because as you Mama Bears know, the cubs come first.


  1. yuck, yuck, yuck. so glad you've made this change though!

    however, i do kind of chuckle when thinking of the creepers who might have stumbled upon your blog accidentally through a google search and came to one of your Bible giveaways! ;)

  2. Sigh.

    I love the new header though! So fun.

  3. Understand the anger - you are a great mama bear!

  4. Growling with you on this one! The cubs are lucky to have you!

  5. Ugh to the creepers:( Yay for you to keep moving forward! Love your blog regardless of what it is called (and I'll still "think" the other words in my head whenever I read it anyway-so there, creepers:)

  6. yikes on the creepy creepers! Sorry you had to change/shorten your blog name, but I think the new one works great!

  7. God is always giving us a new name! I look forward to you continuing to be naked, oops, vulnerable with us! I'm gonna go change my background because of you, to something springy! Love, Janice

  8. Yuck! Sorry for your loss but glad you aren't letting it ruin what you started.

  9. hell yea they do.
    get 'em momma.

  10. i will read your blog no matter what it's called.
    i promise.
    stupid creeps....they are so lame.

  11. oh dear. i just blocked mine from search engines for the same reason. meg is right. creeps are LAME. LOVE your blog, btw! i think this is the first time i've commented :)

  12. Hard to see that one coming, but smart move! Hats off to you, dear Kimberlee!

  13. We'll always remember you as S______ R_______ N_________ down the driveway. (I'm scared to write it out now).

  14. I discovered your blog because of Meg's blog and I have to say - I love it and am so glad you are continuing it under a different name... Sorry about the creeps - unfortunately they are everywhere... I think the new header is wonderful!

  15. i once had someone find me because i had a quote by my daughter "the best part about my day was licking my own arm." we had had a WHIP CREAM FIGHT! and someone had googled 'arm licking'. ummm.ew. i still haven't turned the google feature back on ... i was way too creeped out. love the spaghetti and worms story.. what a sweetheart you have. :)


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