Friday, August 27, 2010

Day on the Farm

For 15 years a lovely couple in our county have been hosting a FREE event called "Day on the Farm". I have been calling it Day at the Farm for three of those 15 years. At. With. all means we're livin' it up at the farm!!! Which reminds me, I totally forgot to lead the van in a round of Old McDonald as we're driving down the dirt road to get there. Shoot. My Grandpa Krienke used to say shoot a lot, and he was a farmer who drove green tractors.
We took Grandpa and Grandma this year. I'm not sure who had more fun?!
The Kansas prairie. What you don't see is the 150 cars parked to the north and more to the south. :)
Animals abound.
Ella's favorite thing? The thing she talks about all year? Riding the horses. 
Last year she rode Maggie. This year Jazz was her horse.
 She smiled like this for at least an hour afterward.
It was a great day. It wore us out.
Thanks to everyone who works as a volunteer 
to make this event spectacular. 
If we had hats we'd tip 'em to ya.
Shoot. We're already looking forward to next year. :)


  1. What a fun day!!! My heart is melting at the pic of Ella and her Daddy:). My girls always LOVED this day...sad we had to miss it!

  2. I can't imagine the work that goes into hosting this event! I'm thankful that Ella and Talia can go to a farm and see the animals and enjoy time out in the country. What joy I see in their faces, and grandma's too!

  3. Bruce's mom looks like she had as much fun as the kids! What a great Grandma!!! I loved your mean mom devotion post too! You were so sweet to comment on my "tiny size" when carrying those twins. Let me tell you those two were all baby, what I ate (and I ATE) they took, sort of nice. Wish that would have continued AFTER they were born!

  4. You know this is one of our favorite days on record. I'm sure Em can give you the rundown of which horse she had which year, Taz, Sunny....this year she switched places with her sister so she could get the paint she had her eye on. Oh the life of an almost cowgirl...

  5. Thanks for including the picture of Kelli chasing pigs! She also had a great time at day at the farm with grandpa and grandma. Of course the horses were the highlight for her too! Gail


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